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College Colours

What are College Colours?
College Colours are special awards which students can apply for if they have received a commendation from a member of staff. In order to be successful in your application for College Colours you must demonstrate leadership, social responsibility and team work and complete a “Stretch & Challenge” activity.

Why should I apply for College Colours?
Achieving College Colours demonstrates dedication above and beyond the normal commitment of a student, so it can’t fail to impress universities and employers. Being able to add this to your UCAS application or your CV can really make you stand out from the crowd! Hopefully, completing your application will also prove a lot of fun. If you achieve College Colours, you will be invited to the College Success Evening in the summer term when you will receive an award and a College Colours scarf!

How is College Colours fun?
You can really be creative with the “Stretch & Challenge” part of your College Colours application. We’ve had students doing all sorts of exciting things for this.

Eleanor Clarke, for example, challenged herself to overcome her fear of heights by doing a skydive!

College Colours Sky Dive

Richard James, meanwhile, cycled from John O’Groats (in Scotland) to Land’s End (in Cornwall) last August, which is a total of 1,002 miles in 14 days! The marathon bike ride was also part of Richard’s Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

Jade Whitehouse completed work experience at Meadow Green Primary School in Wythall, teaching a class of more than 20 children aged 3 – 5 year olds for an entire 2½ hour session.

Rosie Grace completed a volunteer project in Romania for her stretch and challenge activity. With other young people from her church group, she visited Bucharest and some surrounding villages and assisted a youth group that helped Romany children. These were poor and neglected children with little health care or education and the group entertained them with games and crafts and provided much appreciated food. This project involved lots of team work and gave Rosie an understanding of other cultures.

See! College Colours can easily be fun! What could you do for your “Stretch & Challenge” activity?

Isn’t College Colours only for straight A students?
Not at all! The standards you need to meet to apply for College Colours are simple. You must be in receipt of a commendation from a member of staff, have attendance over 95% and have no commitment interviews or contracts on Tyber for the last six months.

How do I apply for College Colours?
If you fulfil the criteria above, talk to your academic coach and get a College Colours form to fill in. On the form, you need to add the following:
• Evidence of Leadership and Representing Others – do you captain a team, or are you part of a group inside or outside of College?
• Social Responsibility and Action – show you are socially aware, perhaps by way of volunteering, raising money for charity or campaigning for a cause.
• Team Work – this could be part of a team sport, involvement in a drama or musical performance, an activity outside of College such as cadets, scouts or a church group, or even project work as part of your course.
With the endorsement of your academic coach and the completion of your “Stretch & Challenge” activity, you will be awarded College Colours and who knows where that might lead in the future!


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