Our Mission & Values — Solihull Sixth Form College

Our Mission & Values

The ethos of the College can be best summarised by our Mission Statement:

Our College is for people who:


• We ASPIRE to be outstanding: academically, professionally and personally.

• We INVEST fully in all we do, knowing that the more effort we commit the more benefits we can access.

• We RESPECT each other, ourselves and our environment.

These principles underpin all the policies and regulations which manage how we work together as students, staff, parents and trustees. The culture and ethos that these values sustain create the capacity to transform life chances, enabling all of us to stretch our potential to the full.

college campus

The College is also part of the Summit Learning Trust, for which the Mission Statement is below:


“Scaling new heights, for our children, young people and communities.”


Deliver exceptional education to children and young people in the West Midlands, enabling them all to have successful, happy lives and make a positive impact on their communities.

We do this by:

  • Providing all our children and young people with the highest levels of expectation, educational provision and care.
  • Achieving the highest levels of academic progress for all our learners.
  • Nurturing our children and young people in academies where safety and wellbeing are of paramount importance.
  • Providing a rich educational experience for all our learners.
  • Adopting a consistently high level of inclusivity and equity for all learners, colleagues and stakeholders across our trust.
  • Contributing positively to the communities which our academies serve.
  • Valuing all our people and developing them as professionals and lifelong learners.
  • Working intelligently to maximise the effective and efficient use of our resources.
  • Working ethically and with integrity, civility and respect.

Success through Endeavour: We work hard and develop resilience to ensure that we are able to collectively and positively overcome any barriers that we face.
Ambition through Challenge: We are relentlessly ambitious for all our students and colleagues and challenge them to do their best, every lesson, every day.
Strength through Diversity: We are truly inclusive, embrace each other’s differences and backgrounds and respect each other’s views and beliefs.

For information on staffing and leadership at the College visit our Meet the Team and Local Governing Body pages.

This website details the courses we offer to our students, the support we provide and the progression opportunities we help our students to achieve, with this ethos clearly embedded in all we do.