Exam Service

The College has a dedicated Exams Office, with staff who ensure examinations are efficiently organised and exam results are promptly delivered to students. They are also on hand to help students with any queries they may have about exams and to organise copies of exam scripts and re-takes if necessary.

The JCQ documents shown below should be read before candidates take external exams at this centre. It is also recommended that the College’s own exam arrangement document be read so that candidates are fully prepared.

Information for candidates for written examinations (AQA, City & Guilds, CCEA, OCR, Pearson, WJEC)
Information for candidates for written examinations (AQA, OCR, Pearson and WJEC)
College Exam Arrangements

Exam Results Procedures

For exams taken in May/June 2017:
• GCE A/AS and Applied – Results are available now on your Tyber exams page.
• BTEC and ABC – These results/certificates are available for collection from the Exams Office now.
• GCSE – Results will be available on Thursday 24th August from 6:00am on your Tyber exams page.

If you do not understand any part of your result information, are unhappy with your results or have any other queries then you must arrange to see a member of staff to discuss your concerns. Senior staff will be available from 9:00am on Thursday 17th August to assist you with any queries, you must go to the LRC in Kitson Building to arrange an appointment. Students who re-sat any AS units will have them re-certificated in summer 2017. There will be no opportunity to re-sit until summer 2018.

After students leave the College, they provide a service to students that supports enrolments at university or proof of grades for employers, by way of the official exam certificates. These certificates are available for collection from the Exams Office from 1 December.

Methods of Collection
Students should arrange an appointment with the Exams Office to collect certificates by telephoning 0121 704 2581 ext 2233 or emailing exams@solihullsfc.ac.uk. For those that are unable to collect their certificates in person, they have the following options:

Stamped (RD) Addressed Envelope: Students may hand/send in to the Exams Office a Large envelope (fully addressed) which has been prepaid with First Class Recorded Delivery. We only recommend recorded delivery, as these certificates are so important. If they were to be lost in transit, Awarding Bodies charge around £40 for replacement statement of results.

A Nominated Person: This person can come into College to collect certificates on a student’s behalf. However, this person MUST have a letter, signed by the student, giving them permission to collect on their behalf. A prior appointment must be made with the Exams Office by calling 0121 704 2581 ext 2233 or emailing exams@solihullsfc.ac.uk.

Lost Certificates
In the unfortunate event that exam certificates are lost, students will need to apply directly to the Awarding Bodies for replacement statement of results at a cost of approximately £40. Listed below are the direct links to Awarding Body Websites.

AQA Past Results
Edexcel Replacement Results
OCR Lost  Certificates
WJEC Replacement Certificates

How to apply for a review of marking or copies of scripts:

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget the REVIEW OF MARKING DEADLINE IS 20 SEPTEMBER, so keep checking with the Exams Office to see if your script has been returned. Teaching staff will not be back in College to go over your script until 30 August. You will need to make an appointment with your teacher, as staff will be heavily involved with enrolment.

Should you wish to apply for a review of marking or copy of exam papers we would recommend that you apply online via Parentpay. Students are able to use their own debit/credit card if they prefer. If you are not able to pay online, please print off the application form from Moodle Exams page. Complete the form and take it to the Exams Office with the appropriate payment. N.B. The Awarding Bodies have strict deadlines in which to apply for a review of marking or copy of exam papers.

Deadlines & Fees

Priority Review of Marking (£50) – Strictly for those students whose University place is dependant on the outcome of review of marking. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 2.00pm on 24 August (review of marking should be complete within 18 calendar days).

Review of Marking (£50) – This is a review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly. A copy of the reviewed script can be ordered at the same time for £15 (this is sent separately). APPLICATION DEADLINE: 2.00pm on 20 September (review should be complete within 30 calendar days).

Priority Copy of Exam Paper (£15) – This is for the SOLE purpose of deciding whether to apply for a review of marking. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 2.00pm on 25 August (scripts should be returned by 10 September). Don’t forget the review deadline is 20 September, so do keep checking with Exams Office to see if your script has been returned. Teaching staff will not be back in College to go over your script until 29 August. You will need to make an appointment with your teacher as staff will be heavily involved with enrolment.

Return of Original Exam Paper (£15) – You will receive your original exam paper and therefore you will not be allowed to apply for a review. This is useful for revision if you are considering a re-sit. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 2:00pm on 28 September (scripts should be returned by 13 November).

Exam Re-Sits

Information on how to apply for re-sits for summer 2018 will be available on the Exams Moodle page in the Autumn Term. However, please note, The Sixth Form College, Solihull only accept re-sit entries from ex-students under exceptional circumstances and this must be approved by the Exams Manager.

External Candidate Re-sit Exam Entry Criteria:

Acceptance as an External Candidate for re-sit will be based on the following:

  • If you have been accepted on a course at University or HE then you will not be allowed to re-sit. Only candidates whose place is dependent on their grades will be permitted.
  • Attendance at lessons must have been 90% or above.
  • No current or outstanding commitment issues recorded whilst studying at College.
  • Extenuating circumstances, which prevented you from sitting an exam in the summer.
  • Only re-sits of exams already attempted at College can be accepted. Entries to new exams will not be allowed.
  • We do not allow external candidates to re-sit coursework/practical units in any subject.

Decisions will not be made before 31 October and paperwork will not be available before this time, so please do not contact the Exams Office before then. Elaine Formosa, Examinations Manager, will be available to discuss the opportunity for re-sits after 31 October 2017. She can be contacted on 0121 704 2581 (ext 2233) from 31 October 2017 and before 31 January 2018 for further information and discussion.


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