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College Awards

Every year we hand out awards in all our courses, as well as extra curricular prizes. The 2023 Awards ceremony was held at the Core Theatre in Solihull. Here is a list of all the winners and the reasons they were given awards.

Subject Awards:

Accounting – Tom Bromley (right)
Tom has consistently applied himself in Accounting to the best of his ability and always produced work to be proud of. He is an inspiration to others and will be an asset to whatever organisation he chooses to be a part of.

Extended Certificate Applied Science – Humaira Rafiq (left)
Humaira has demonstrated consistent hard work, ensuring it not only meets grading criteria but is of the highest quality.

National Diploma Applied Science – Diya Jagatia (right)
Diya is a brilliant student who always works very hard in lessons to achieve her targets. She regularly arrives on time and greets everyone with a warm hello, and commonly asks students and teachers how they are and how their week has been. Despite some very challenging content in BTEC this year, Diya has worked hard to overcome these challenges to tackle questions in Unit 5 theory, as well as putting in a great deal of effort into her assignments and producing very high quality work, achieving a distinction on first submissions for a number of assignments. With an incredibly positive attitude, friendly demeanour and very strong work ethic, Diya is a fantastic member of her class and fully deserves all the success she has achieved this year.

Extended Diploma Applied Science – Eryn Bloom (left)
Eryn is dedicated to her studies and with excellent organisational skills has achieved distinction grades on her assignments.

Art & Design (Fine Art) – Indiya Harvey
Indiya has worked consistently hard throughout Year 13 in Fine Art and has always given everything to improve her outcomes. Because of this effort and commitment, Indiya has produced some outstanding pieces in a range of media. Indiya – you should be really proud of all that you have achieved, well done.

Art & Design (Graphics & 3D Design) – Zahra Hussain
Zahra has demonstrated independence and hard work consistently, especially during Year 13. She is keen to learn and acts on feedback in order to develop and refine her work. Zahra has developed her digital and studio-based techniques a great deal this year and the quality of her work is fantastic. Well done Zahra.

Art & Design (Photography) – Aisha Abdirashid
Aisha is an outstanding artist and is an extremely valued member of, not only her class, but the entire Creative Arts cohort. Aisha has a passion for Visual Arts and her idea generation, as well as her practical skills, are phenomenal. Aisha not only works incredibly hard on her own practice, but also supports her peers, offering feedback and sharing her wealth of contextual knowledge.

BTEC Art & Design – Summer Carter (right)
Summer’s conceptual ideas address the environment and the impact we are having on it. She creates installations that are beautiful, shocking and thought-provoking at the same time. She is incredibly skilful and has an excellent attention to detail. Fantastic commitment and effort Summer, well done.

Biology – Cezar Baciu (left)
Cezar has been an exemplary Biology student throughout his time on the course. He clearly has a great enthusiasm for the subject, which shines through at all times. Within lessons he has always been very pro-active in sharing his ideas and supporting his fellow students; his positive approach is infectious. Cezar is always a willing volunteer for events that are happening outside of the classroom and all of his contributions have been greatly appreciated.

Business – Megan Wallis
Megan’s continued efforts in and out of lessons, as well as her constant willingness to help those around her, make her a worthy recipient of the Business award. She has overcome adversity and done so with a grace and maturity that is far beyond her years. She is an exemplary and inspirational student.

Extended Diploma Business – Diana Dinca (right)
Well done Diana for your outstanding performance on this course. You have demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm throughout and have shown resilience and determination when faced with tough challenges.

Chemistry – Hasan Sajid (left)
Hasan has achieved at a consistently high level throughout the A level Chemistry course, with A’s or A* grades in every key assessment. He is happy to help others in the class, inspiring and motivating them to raise their performance.

John Sleigh Award – Bilal Kamran Ashraf
Bilal is an excellent A Level Chemistry student, who puts in a fantastic amount of effort to ensure he achieves his targets. In lesson, Bilal is often the first to answer open questions, the first to complete extension tasks, and the first to offer correct answers to stretch-and-challenge questioning. He states that he often aims to work on Chemistry for up to 10 hours per week and this is evident in his Key Assessment scores.

CACHE Childcare – Kimberly Summers (right)
Kim has grown in her placement practice and academic ability across the course. She has been supportive of her peers and will always go above and beyond with every aspect of the course.

Computer Science – Sarker Zarif Islam (left)
Sarker has built on a solid foundation and flourished with the more demanding challenges of the second year. His work ethic is faultless and he always addresses theory work systematically and effectively. Sarker uses a range of study techniques to good effect and has produced an excellent piece of coursework.

National Diploma Creative Digital Media – Eleanor Barratt
Eleanor is an exemplary student who has immersed herself within her studies and has been determined to achieve the very highest of standards. The quality of Eleanor’s work has been remarkable and exceeds all the set criteria. Eleanor has achieved this through her passion for the subject, her unquestionable commitment to bettering herself and her personal vision for success in the future. She quickly established herself as a role model for other students on her courses with her natural and approachable personality.

Criminology – Emre Altinok (right)
Emre has an excellent work ethic, produces high quality work and consistently achieves A* grades. He contributes in every lesson and is always working to improve himself.

Drama – James Morris (left)
James is a remarkable performer and over the course of the two years, has created imaginative, authentic and convincing characters that have wowed audiences. His attention to detail, charisma and playfulness in the rehearsal room has generated outstanding work. James’ ability to think outside the box and to take risks have resulted in the creation of inventive and original theatre. His contribution to the Drama department and his participation in the National Theatre Connections festival has been invaluable.

Economics – Nouman Syed
Nouman has consistently produced high level essays in Economics, which show depths of knowledge, understanding and research. He has also demonstrated understanding of UK current affairs and uses that to present his arguments in his essays. His level of participation in lessons is high and he goes out of his way to help other learners.

English Language – Evie Yeomans (right)
Evie’s self-motivation, maturity and determination make her a student always willing to fully engage, to participate and generally to make the most of learning opportunities.

English Literature – Alexandra Rose Kenyon Stockton (left)
Alex has demonstrated an outstanding attitude and exceptional commitment throughout her study of A level English Literature. Alex’s dedication to her studies is evident in her work both inside and outside of lessons. As a member of the English Academy, Alex actively participated in seminars and worked hard on her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) on ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens. Alex’s entry to the Cooper Prize for Journalism competition in 2021 was highly commended.

GCSE English – Hannah Tattersfield
Hannah has made a consistent effort throughout the course, always willing to learn, and always willing to try hard. Hannah has been a positive influence and a pleasure to work with all year.

Cooper Prize for Journalism – First prize – Elsa Lowther
Elsa produced an accomplished and well-researched piece of journalism that tackles an little-known ethical debate – the archaeological study and exhibition of human remains – with insight and sensitivity. The judges were particularly impressed with the way in which Elsa made these issues accessible for a non-specialist audience and relevant to contemporary concerns.

Cooper Prize for Journalism – Second prize – Lily Beddows (right)
Lily produced a brave, poignant and beautifully crafted piece reflecting on the nature of grief. The judges were moved by Lily’s sensitive exploration of a difficult topic and thought the advice she offered would offer real comfort to those who were also grieving.

Film Studies – James Morris
James’s enthusiasm for Film is clear in all he does. His essays are a pleasure to read, and the whole class have benefitted from his insightful and perceptive contributions to class discussions. James has excellent communication skills and has the ability to work with others in order to achieve the best result. James maintains a positive attitude towards learning and willingly takes on feedback to improve his work. He is a reliable and committed young man who achieves his best in every opportunity that is provided to him.

French – Cezar Baciu
For the last two years, Cezar’s dedication to learn about France, its language and culture has been outstanding in all aspects of the course. He is an inquisitive, determined student who has always focused on improving his speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, however tricky it might have been at time. Cezar has never been phased by any challenge and his consistency completing any work has been exemplary. He even completed an exam despite being very poorly, which proves his resilience and commitment to the subject. His positivity and enthusiasm have been a real asset to the Language Department and his peers.

Further Maths – Molly Smallman (left)
In Further Maths, Molly has been an absolute joy to teach. Showing great intellectual courage, she asks the questions the other students are afraid to ask and will not give up on a concept until she has fully understood it. She has developed into an excellent mathematician, and we hope she will come back and teach with us when she has graduated.

Geography – Dhanyaal Samir (right)
In Geography Dhanyaal has demonstrated determination and resilience throughout the course. His work is always of the highest quality. Always keen to do additional research to further his knowledge, Dhanyaal applied his Geographical understanding beyond the classroom and produced an excellent resource to inform others about the Geography and History of Ukraine.

Geology – Sidrah Choudhry
Sidrah is an outstanding student of Geology. She is determined, diligent and self-motivated and produces work of the highest quality, particularly in her practical work where her drawings and diagrams of geological phenomena are superb. She was an ambassador for the subject and worked to support and mentor students in Year 12 in the classroom and during fieldwork.

German – Ameena Khaliq
Ameena has worked incredibly hard over her two years at College studying German and has shown an impressive level of resilience throughout. Her attendance and completion of homework have been exemplary and she could be completely relied upon to be fully prepared for every lesson. She was able to draw upon her interest in her other A level subjects of Psychology and Criminology when she chose to research the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch for her oral exam. It has been a pleasure to watch her confidence grow over this time.

Extended Certificate Health & Social Care – Niamh Harrington (left)
Niamh has consistently pushed herself to achieve high grades in her assignments. She has demonstrated the ability to write with an academic style, which provides depth beyond the specification.

National Diploma Health & Social Care – Niamh Wilson
Niamh has shown the highest level of commitment within the course and has consistently achieved top grades. Niamh has a particular talent for writing concisely, whilst addressing all aspects of the topic being studied.

Extended Diploma Health & Social Care – Asma Mohammed
Asma has consistently put effort into her assignments and exams to ensure she can achieve the best grade possible. She is supportive of her peers and is always determined to learn.

History – Charlie Renenhan
Charlie is a superb student of History. She is an independent learner and completes all of her work with diligence, determination and enthusiasm. She was an excellent ambassador for the subject, representing History through College events and visits and within the Trust. She was also kind and generous with her time, supporting her peers with their studies in History.

Extended Certificate IT – Alex Farquharson
Alex is a conscientious student who always gives of his best. Both in lessons and in his assignments, he has demonstrated a strong work ethic and as a result, he has always produced quality work to the deadlines set. Alex has an exemplary attitude to his studies and thoroughly deserves his success.

Extended Diploma IT – Muhammed Ali (right)
Over the two years, Ali has developed to become an exemplary student. Ali began College not fully believing in his own ability, but he has worked hard and shown real resilience and determination. He has proved one can succeed by having a positive attitude, sound systems and an excellent work ethic. Ali will leave College with grades of D*DD and we are all very proud of him.

Law – Kai Weston
Kai is hard working and well-organised and has demonstrated excellent effort in Law. His contributions to lessons are outstanding, his independent study of the subject is in-depth and he is always willing to help his fellow students. He is an overall superstar!

Mathematics – Major Sehmi (left)
Major is an outstanding student of Mathematics. His enthusiasm for the subject is plain to see. He has a desire for deeper understanding of the concepts at every level, as evidenced by his dedication to his studies and his insightful questions and discussions. He is a talented mathematician who has also improved dramatically through his time here thanks to a wonderful attitude, and he has been a pleasure to teach.

Core Maths – Beth Gilbert
Beth has adopted a conscientious approach towards Core Mathematics. She has worked extremely hard to understand all aspects of the course. Beth has shown a positive attitude and strong commitment throughout the year and should achieve highly in the final examination.

Media Studies – Sophie Silva (right)
Sophie is a reliable and enthusiastic student of Media. Throughout her two years, she has demonstrated her ability to lead, be part of a team and work independently. It was through her coursework she was able to demonstrate all these skills and her passion for media.

Music – Douglas Hill (left)
Douglas is an outstanding musician and stalwart of the Music department. His love of Jazz has been evident not only in his own accomplished bass performances, but also in his composition work and through his collaborations with other members of the College community. A recipient of the Heartfield Wharam recital bursary, he has spent a significant amount of time on the stage, entertaining audiences with his skills. Douglas has successfully tutored the bands in the weekly enrichment sessions, performing alongside them in each of the music concerts.

Philosophy – Ebony Reece (right)
Ebony is an extremely hard-working and committed philosopher. She has demonstrated excellent critical thinking skills and she has consistently shown a mature and thoughtful approach to her studies in Philosophy.

Physical Education – Richie Kellond (left)
Richie has demonstrated an excellent level of critical thinking within the course, which has enabled him to extend his knowledge of the subject far beyond the specification.

Physics – Sarker Zarif Islam
Zarif has been an inspirational role model for other members of the class. His obvious love for learning and the subject has enthused others to engage with the work. He is happy to explain the work to others, to show workings on the board and to discuss online learning resources. Zarif has created an atmosphere around him of high aspirations and high achievement. When Zarif talks off topic it will invariably be science or Physics related, encouraging his listeners to do their own reading and find inspiration and excitement in the Physics around them.

Politics – Arthur Newman (right)
Arthur’s enthusiasm and commitment to Politics is evident in every class. It is encouraging to see a student engaging in political debate informed by strong personal convictions that is balanced and understanding of contrary views. Arthur’s colleagues have benefitted from his insightful and informed contributions, and he has been an asset in paired and group work, where he supports other, less confident, learners.

Psychology – Idil Hersi
Idil is a paragon of a student, who immerses herself with a critical mindset and consistently exceeds her (already high) target grade. She is an absolute joy to teach.

Psychology – Megan Dawson (left)
Megan has worked consistently hard throughout the Psychology course and is an exemplary student, completing excellent work both in and out of lessons. She acts on feedback immediately and strives to always do her best.

Religious Studies – Estella Hope (right)
Estella has shown consistent effort and dedication throughout the two-year course, demonstrating a commitment to undertaking extra reading and research to develop her understanding of various topics.

Sociology – Hakeem Rafique (left)
Hakeem has demonstrated a prodigious work ethic, exemplary attitude to learning and perhaps most importantly a desire to embrace academic study and be academic.

Spanish – Mokhtarur Fariha Fardip
Fardip is a most dedicated and committed student. She has demonstrated great determination and enthusiasm for the Spanish language, as well as Hispanic culture and society. She speaks fluent Spanish and is able to confidently convey well thought-out arguments. Her extensive research on the Romani community in Spain has been outstanding, in preparation for her oral exam. Fardip has also been a great asset to the department, helping to promote languages during the open day events. She has demonstrated an optimistic and positive attitude and is an absolute pleasure to have in class.

BTEC Sport – Alana-Mai White (right)
Alana has demonstrated exemplary practice throughout the course. She has pushed herself to achieve the highest grade in all assignments and has developed her knowledge beyond the scope of the curriculum. She has also been the captain of the ladies’ football team and is a positive role model for Year 12 students.

Statistics – Casper Abosh (Left)
Throughout his time at College, Casper has demonstrated a natural flair for A level Statistics. He has consistently achieved A or A* grades in all key assessments and his deep understanding of technology has enabled him to come up with new methods for completing advanced statistical techniques.

Extra-Curricular Awards:

Ambassador to the Future – Daisy Maskell (right)
Daisy is an outstanding student in every sense of the word. Not only is she hard-working and gifted academically, but she has consistently gone above and beyond that which you would expect to see from a Student Council member. As Chair, she has been involved in almost every College event, from open days, to fundraising events and awareness campaigns and even joined the Anti-Racism group. She also found time to complete many hours of volunteering and earned the Gold Award from Shirley Lions. Daisy succeeds at everything she puts her mind to and we know she will continue to achieve success in the future.

Ambassador to the Future – Benjamin Townsend (left)
Ben puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Although not officially part of the Student Council, he has made himself indispensable this year. He cheerfully volunteers his time at any College event, whether it is providing technical support with events, helping to train other staff and students with the use of equipment or providing any other support required for fundraising and awareness campaigns. He has accrued enough volunteer hours this year to achieve Shirley Lions Silver Award. Ben has been a huge asset to the College and wherever he goes in the future, they will be lucky to have him.

Student Council – Elyse Daley Gooden (right)
Elyse has been an active campaigner for social justice. She has been involved with the Summit Learning Trust sexual harassment work by campaigning against sexual harassment and abuse. She represented the Trust at a national summit and was actively involved in steering the direction of future work. For the past two years Elyse has also been a student advocate for anti-racism at the College. Her passion and commitment to anti-racism is commendable and I hope she continues to be a voice for those who are marginalised in society.

Student Governor – Daisy Maskell
Daisy has brought enthusiasm, and a genuine desire to contribute positively to the strategic direction of the College to her role as student governor. We thank her and wish her well in all that she does – we know she will shine!

Extended Project – Katie Dodd (left)
In our Teaching Academy EPQ class, Katie worked consistently very hard throughout the whole process and the quality of her work and project was excellent. She really is a super student and will make an excellent teacher in the future.

Exceptional Progress – Danyal Rehman
Dan has demonstrated resilience and determination to succeed in his studies. It has been a pleasure to see Dan grow into a mature and well balanced young man determined to not let setbacks get in his way. Dan should also be commended for achieving 100% attendance this year. We wish you all the very best in the future Dan.

Exceptional Progress – Hamna Shaheen
It has been a pleasure to see Hamna complete and achieve her course. She has shown dedication and determination throughout and has always been keen to seek support as and when necessary to aid her success. We wish you all the very best in the future Hamna.

Volunteer (Gold Award) – Noor Bibi
Noor achieved the Gold Volunteer Award for teaching Arabic to her siblings outside of College.

Volunteer (Gold Award) – Daisy Maskell
Daisy has been Chair of Student Council and as such attended various meetings outside of College, worked at all the events and volunteered to be part of an interview panel. She also attended Girl Guides outside of College each week to help with their activities. She has earned the Gold Volunteer Award.

Volunteer (Gold Award) – Paige Thompson
Paige has been the Deputy Chair of the Student Council and carried out extra administrative duties with the Student Development Office at College. She has earned the Gold Volunteer Award.

Volunteer (Silver Award) – Elyse Daley Gooden
Elyse volunteered her time at College at a number of events and activities and also volunteered at her local Dance School. In doing so she achieved the Silver Volunteer Award.

Volunteer (Silver Award) – Zavira Salahudeen
Zavira achieved the Silver Volunteer Award for always volunteering at College and at charity events.

Volunteer (Silver Award) – Benjamin Townsend
Ben worked hard, providing technical support across various College events and in doing so achieved the Silver Volunteer Award.

Volunteer (Bronze Award) – Eryn Bloom
Eryn achieved the Bronze Volunteer Award for volunteering to work additional hours at College events.

Basketball – Decrea Simms
Decrea has been the captain of the basketball team this season and has done so with a maturity which has set him apart from his teammates. He is a very influential player and has been the driving force within the group.

Cricket – Qasim Sohail (right)
Qasim plays for Warwickshire and captains the College team. He is a talented opening bowler, who has been fully committed to representing both teams in all fixtures, whilst balancing his academic studies in BTEC Sport.

Football (Men’s) – Jude Hudson
Jude has been a very influential member of the group for two years. He plays with authority and has always been dependable and mature in his approach on the field.

Football (Women’s) – Katie Potter
Katie is an industrious and very energetic player. She carries an infectious level of motivation, which drives those around her. She is also the top goal scorer within all College football teams for the past two years.

Netball – Charlotte Simpson
Charlotte has grown in confidence over the last two years, not only as an effective player on court, but also off court. Her dedication to Netball has been demonstrated in several ways, such as being available for all training and games and supporting the second team in their development when she didn’t have a game of her own.

Rugby – Alfie Grant (left)
Alfie has been a consistent, positive influence on the whole of the team during both years. He is the unofficial players secretary and chief organiser and dependable in all situations.

Staff Outstanding Service Awards:

Malcolm Turvey – 43 years
Malcolm has dedicated his entire 44 year career to the students and staff of the College; contributing to both the curriculum and cross-college activities. He is a highly skilled and passionate teacher who loves being in the classroom and he relishes the opportunity to rethink approaches to topics and assessment to meet the needs of our students. Malcolm is a true polymath and can teach all subjects across the Social Sciences Curriculum area. As Curriculum Leader, a post he held for 22 years, Malcolm led the team with a calm and supportive demeanour. He has a forensic eye for detail and an ability to articulate often complex issues with clarity, and find innovative solutions to problems. Malcolm is kind and cares about the well-being of others, often putting their needs before his own. All who have worked with Malcolm have found him to be a great reassurance, a source of inspiration and an outstanding role model. We wish him a wonderful retirement.

Stephen Briggs – 35 years
Stephen commenced his career at the College as a Maths teacher in September 1988. His enthusiasm for data and an ability to understand computer systems led to him moving gradually into the Data Team, becoming the College’s MIS manager in January 2013. Notably, Stephen became a Countdown Octochamp in 2015, making it through to the series semi-final. Throughout the last 35 years, Stephen has shown huge commitment to the College and has been one of its biggest supporters. We wish him a very happy retirement.

Nick Waring – 33 Years
Nick joined the College in 1990 as a teacher of English and quickly went on to set up the first Media Team; a department that still thrives today. Students across the years have benefited from Nick’s teaching of English Literature and Language, GCSE English and Critical Thinking, but it’s in the fields of Film and Media that Nick will be most remembered, having led the Curriculum Area for over 20 years. Nick has been an inspiration to those he has taught and a reliable, trustworthy leader to those he has managed. Nick’s presence will be sorely missed, but he leaves behind a legacy of resources, results and young lives enthused and changed forever, ensuring he will not be forgotten.

Karen Greaves – 22 years
Karen has been with the College for 22 years, joining with a PhD but no teaching qualification. She therefore promptly qualified as such in her spare time whilst delivering Geography, Geology and Environmental Science A levels. Karen has taken students beyond the classroom both figuratively by combining her subject knowledge and passion, and literally, having led students on unforgettable trips to Dorset, Morocco, Berlin and even Dudley. Karen will be remembered as a tireless Curriculum Leader who cared greatly for her team and her students and as someone who handily defeated Cancer in her time here too. The College will be losing a tower of strength in so many ways and we wish Karen all the very best as she embarks on a new adventure at Coventry University.

Deborah Smail-Ross – 17 years
Over the last 17 years, Deborah has made a significant contribution to the College as a teacher, an Assistant Curriculum Leader and Stretch and Challenge Co-ordinator. Deborah’s commitment to Modern Languages goes beyond the classroom and into the community of fellow-linguists and student alumni. Deborah has organised highly successful language exchanges and also supported individual students to secure opportunities to work and travel abroad. She has worked tirelessly to promote Modern Languages and delivered countless school liaison taster sessions to young people from across Solihull and Birmingham schools. Deborah is a superb teacher. She loves working with students to build their confidence and immerse them into the wider cultural and contextual aspects of the language they study. Deborah is organised and practical in her approach to the annual Stretch and Challenge Summer School. She is a skilled negotiator when liaising with guest speakers to contribute their time to work with our students. Deborah also offers comprehensive support for students as they navigate the challenge and rigour of an Oxbridge application. Deborah’s energy and enthusiasm permeates all she does. We wish her well as she embarks on a new life in Switzerland.