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Financial Support

BursariesFinancial support whilst studying:
The government has given colleges limited sums of money to distribute to students in need. Like other colleges, we distribute this through a bursary scheme to ensure fairness. This funding provides a contribution towards the costs of studying.

College Bursaries – Key Points
1. Currently, the level of government funding allows the College to offer bursaries on a sliding scale for those whose household income is below £30,000. Students can apply for different options to support their learning.
2. We also offer a small number of exceptional bursaries for very vulnerable students and these awards are up to £1,200 per year.
3. All students are given information on how to apply for a bursary in their enrolment booklet.
4. Online application forms will be available after enrolment and students are advised to submit completed forms by no later than half term in order to be eligible for the full number of awards during the academic year.

Free Meals
The government also provides support for a meal a day for eligible students when they are in College. Eligibility is assessed alongside the Bursary as a combined application and is based on the student or their parent/guardian being in receipt of one or more particular benefits. All students are given information on how to apply for Free Meals and the Bursary in their enrolment booklet. Information and updates are also available to current students via the Bursary page of Moodle.

Click Here to Apply for a Bursary

Download our Learner Bursary Policy.

If you have questions please contact the Bursary Office by email.


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