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Solihull Sixth Form College offers more than just your academic studies. Our enrichments not only give you chance to do something completely different but also help you broaden your skills, knowledge and experience giving you the edge when applying for higher education courses, apprenticeships or employment.

Our programme is designed to enrich your studies with options suited to your interests and aspirations, whilst helping you get the most out of your time with us. We have created a dedicated enrichment slot on the timetable to allow you to participate in the programme.

With 40+ options to choose from, our range of opportunities will help you:
Connect with others – enrichments are a great way to make new friends
Be physically active – great for your mental health as well as physical health
Learn new skills – give you the confidence to try new things and achieve
Give to others – acts of kindness and giving to others to give you a sense of purpose and feel good!
Be mindful – enjoy what is happening right now

The programme includes enrichments where you can meet students who share the same interests as you, deepen your subject knowledge, explore your interest in an area unrelated to your academic studies, achieve another qualification, participate in sport, develop a range of new skills and have fun!

The full list of enrichment is below and detailed information is available in our Enrichment Guide.


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