Timetable for 2023/24 — Solihull Sixth Form College

Timetable for 2023/24

The College timetable for the 2023/2024 academic year is detailed below. You will notice, we have created a different timetable for Year 12 than we have for Year 13. We are operating a two-week timetable for both Year 12 and Year 13. This affects the scheduling of Intervention sessions, with three Intervention slots for columns A, E and F in Week 1 and Intervention slots for B, C and D in Week 2 – see below.

Year 13 Timetable for 2023/24

Year 12 Timetable for 2023/24

The College day starts at 9.00am and goes on until 4.05pm (except for Thursdays when lessons finish at 3.30pm). Students have three 90-minute lessons for each of their courses, except in column C where they have one 120-minute lesson, one 90-minute lesson and one 60-minute lesson. A dedicated 60-minute session for enrichments has been put into the timetable on Wednesday afternoons to ensure that all students can undertake an enrichment option, which is so valuable to broaden their College experience and boost their Higher Education and employment applications. Time will also be allocated to academic coaching and study skills.

There is a 15-minute break in the morning (either at 10.30am or 11.00am, depending on the day and which week of the timetable we are operating). The lunch break is 40-45 minutes long and is staggered for Year 12 and Year 13 to ensure the refectory is not over-crowded.

30-minute intervention slots have been added to the timetable to allow teachers to provide one-to-one support for the students. Students must make sure they are available at these times. They may also be asked to stay until 4.30pm on some days if further intervention is deemed necessary. Intervention exists to ensure students can get additional support and they are directed to attend by their teachers. Support for all students from their teachers remains a priority and we believe this strategy will help all students to maximise their potential.