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Student Voice

Solihull Sixth Form College has over 2,400 students, which makes the college one of the largest sixth form colleges in the country. Student voice involves the opinions, beliefs, and perspectives of all students. Listening to the collective student voice means that we listen to and respond to what really matters to our students.

The Student Council Vice Chair (Denisa Corlan) and Chair (Hana Mian) for 2023-24 are pictured right with College Principal Martin Sullivan. Other members of Student Council are pictured below.

During their time here, there will a range of opportunities for students to have their voice heard:

  • Curriculum student voice where students will be able to discuss aspects of their teaching, learning and assessment within a curriculum area
  • Coaching Student Voice Leaders who share the views of their academic coaching group to the student council
  • Question time event where students pose questions to the principal
  • Formal student questionnaires which provide students the opportunity to share their opinions on a wide range of aspects of college life.
  • The student council work closely with the college’s senior leadership team. Two members of Student Council are also on the College’s Corporate Board and Student Council Members are involved in the appointment of new staff.

The Student Council for 2023/24 are:

Ebaad Raja – Events Officer
Andreea Bahica – Mental Health Lead
Ana Botosineanu – Student Voice Officer
Sumayyah Begum – Marketing Officer
Fahiza Begum – Deputy & Sexual Harassment and DEI Lead
Simran Sagoo – Sustainability Lead
Kendric Oduro-Danso – Ambassador
Daniel Grodzicki – Ambassador
Hamza Mirza – Ambassador
Caullum Doherty – Ambassador
Afsheen Ahmed – DEI Lead
Humiya Malik – Events Officer
Denisa Corlan – Vice Chair
Hana Mian – Chair


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