Student Voice

Students at the College are represented by a Student Council Executive. The role of Student Council is to represent student views and to help the College be responsive to what students want and need to make their time here happy and productive. Each year the Council will involve itself in charity work, will feed back student concerns and will organize social events. Student Council also supports various student groups including, for example, Amnesty International and faith groups.

Student Council 2017-18

Student Council consists of all students in College. An Executive body is chosen from and by an electoral college of Coaching Group Representatives. The Representatives themselves are elected by each Coaching Set in November. The Council has its own budget and has meetings six times a year and the Executive meets each week. The Principal and his team attend Student Council meetings to listen to students and to feed back on actions taken in response to Student Council suggestions.

The Student Council Chair and Vice Chair are also on the College’s Corporate Board and Student Council Members are involved in the appointment of new staff. Student Council is your chance to help the College to work with students for students.

The 2018 Student Council Executive are pictured above. The Executive Body includes the following students:

Isbaa Akhtar – Chair
Amaan Ali – Vice Chair
Hanad Hassan – Voice Officer
Idil Hussein – Year 12 Events Officer
Rocio Leano – Year 13 Events Officer
Jack Welton – Year 12 Publicity Officer
Danae Joseph – Year 13 Publicity Officer
Arij Zafar – Year 12 Charity Officer
Amelia Lewis – Year 13 Charity Officer


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