Student Voice

We want students to be engaged and active participants in the College.

During their time here, there will a range of opportunities for students to provide student voice. There will be regular Curriculum Area Forms where students will be able to discuss specific aspects within that curriculum area and their ideas do make a difference. Students can also become a Class Rep or a Coaching Set Rep. In both roles, students have the responsibility of collecting feedback from their peers, attending meetings to present different viewpoints and feeding back to their classes. As part of this students may also take part in a ‘Question Time’ style event where they can pose questions directly to a panel including the Principal. They could also be part of our annual student conference where they can explore issues in detail with the Student Council. We will also complete two formal questionnaires a year which give students the opportunity to give their opinion on a wide range of aspects of life at College.

Student Council offers another opportunity to get involved. The Council has its own budget and has regular meetings. Senior Management work with Student Council to listen to students and to feed back on actions taken in response to Student Council suggestions. Two members of Student Council are also on the College’s Corporate Board and Student Council Members are involved in the appointment of new staff. Student Council is your chance to help the College to work with students for students.


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Case Studies

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