Curriculum Intent & Vision

Our curriculum intent and vision are underpinned by our College Values and Mission:

  • We ASPIRE to be outstanding: academically, professionally and personally.
  • We INVEST fully in all we do, knowing that the more effort we commit the more benefits we can access.
  • We RESPECT each other, ourselves and our environment.

These principles underpin all the policies and regulations which manage how we work together as students, staff, parents and trustees. The culture and ethos that these values sustain create the capacity to transform life chances, enabling all of us to stretch our potential to the full.

At Solihull Sixth Form College our overarching curriculum aims to:

  • Give a warm welcome to 16-19 year old students from across Solihull and Birmingham and support transition from School to College and beyond
  • Offer a diverse and exciting choice of subjects to meet the interests and ambitions of students, employers and the local community (36 A levels and 7 BTEC/CACHE courses)
  • Have inclusive yet robust entry criteria which encourage progression to level 3 study (A level and BTEC) and improve life chances
  • Build on a 45 years of expertise in A level and BTEC teaching and learning
  • Ensure excellent teaching and learning experiences and pastoral care that will challenge, stimulate and motivate students to excel over their two years at the College.
  • Provide expert and highly qualified teachers who have a passion for
    their subject and invest in their students
  • Create a highly resourced and vibrant environment where everyone feels valued, respected and is able to thrive
  • Provide a distinct pathway for students to university, apprenticeships and employment and personalised support to enable them to achieve their goals
  • Develop our students so that they stand out in their universities and
    workplaces for the skills they have developed, their mature approach and independent nature
  • Equip students to be culturally literate, curious about the world and ready to excel in our democratic society
  • Embed equality in all that we do and celebrate the diversity of both students and staff
  • Promote a culture of mutual respect and tolerance where everyone’s opinion is valued
  • Develop students’ resilience in the modern world and encourage them to take pride in their achievements
  • Offer all students an opportunity to engage in exciting and stimulating
    enrichment opportunities that go beyond the curriculum and support them to develop as young citizens and members of the local community.
Our commitment to Curriculum Development

We are committed to improving and evolving the curriculum and ensuring that all teachers are continually developing their subject specific pedagogical knowledge and practice based on research and evidence. We are also committed to regular review of the curriculum to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our students, the communities in which we work and the local, regional and national economies.

The College’s Curriculum Intent & Vision aligns with that of the Summit Learning Trust.