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Student References

Student References 

 Companies and organisations that request references relating to students at the College will receive a response within ten working days. References will accurately reflect the aptitudes and abilities of the student concerned and provide statistical information on punctuality and attendance. This should be sought from the student’s Academic Coach.

The College will compile academic references in support of UCAS applications. Accurately completed UCAS forms submitted before the College deadline of 8 November 2021 will be sent to UCAS within 10 working days. The College will ensure that all forms submitted by the College internal deadline will be sent to UCAS before the UCAS deadline of 26 January 2022. The College cannot guarantee the processing of late applications within the UCAS 26 January deadline.

Ex-students requesting an academic reference are advised that it is their responsibility to adhere to the College internal deadline for UCAS applications (9th  November 2020). For quality purposes, ex-students are required to link their UCAS form to the College site prior to requesting an academic reference.

Working with your Parents 

The College believes that parents, carers and guardians have an important role to play in your academic success. To this end, information about your attendance and progress will made available on Arbor and your parents, carers and guardians will be invited to parents’ evenings.

Parents will also be given access to parts of your Student Record on Arbor.


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