Marathon Walk for Charity — Solihull Sixth Form College

Marathon Walk for Charity

Generous students from Solihull Sixth Form College have been raising money for a school in West Africa by walking a marathon.

Year 13 learners Hannah Barr, Alys McLoughlin and Emma Hobbins walked a distance of 42.6km (or 26.47 miles) from Solihull to Hatton Locks and back in a total of approximately nine hours. They gathered sponsorship money for their challenge and have so far raised £1,400, which will go to the Abuko Lower Basic School and Nursery, located near the capital city Banjul in The Gambia.

These three students are among 25 who are part of the College’s Team Gambia volunteer project this year. Each participating student has been set a target to raise £400 each and they have a host of creative ideas to do this, including bake sales, raffles, car boot sales and more.

The girls explained:

“Our target to raise £400 each is almost equivalent to a teacher’s annual salary in The Gambia. The money we raise will go towards developing the facilities of the school, providing resources and funding teaching. Undertaking the marathon walk was a massive mental challenge, but it was so worth it!”

A Quiz Night has also been held to raise money for this project – current and past staff joined parents for a general knowledge quiz with a musicals twist back in July, with all money raised also going towards the school.

Heading up the project is College Vice Principal Janice Hamilton, who commented:

“We started Team Gambia 10 years ago and we’ve raised more than £60,000 for the Abuko Lower Basic School and Nursery over the years. That’s been enough to build an entire new floor for the school and fund teachers and resources.

“The fundraising is just part of the project – I’ve taken more than 150 students out to West Africa in the last 10 years to work in the school and it’s a life enhancing experience for them all. They can see just what good their fundraising does and develop skills that will boost their own progression opportunities.”

Anyone wishing to donate towards this worthy project can do so via a Just Giving page.

21 September 2023