Chemistry Olympiad Success

Chemistry students at Solihull Sixth Form College have earned recognition in a challenging Chemistry Olympiad examination taken in the Spring Term.

Second year students Caitlin Wiggers and Jasmin Walker received Silver and Bronze certificates respectively in the Chemistry Olympiad, which is an annual test set by the Royal Society of Chemistry. It offers an opportunity for students to challenge themselves in the field of Chemistry, develop critical problem-solving skills and test their knowledge in real-world situations.

The 2022 paper was particularly challenging and included topics related to E10 petrol, the quantitative chemistry in lateral flow tests, and the world’s smallest Chinese knot, cubane and nitrous oxide.

Both girls are gifted Chemistry students, with Caitlin considering carrying on with her Chemistry studies alongside Mathematics at university, while Jasmin is hoping to pursue Medicine at university.

Chemistry Curriculum Leader Simon Windsor commented:

“Well done to both Caitlin and Jasmin for taking on the Chemistry Olympiad. It is entirely voluntary for the students to take on this challenge and it is very advanced Chemistry, but they did really well and it will stand them both in good stead for their A level examinations this summer and for their progression onto university too.”

13 April 2022