Aspiring Medics Diagnose Illness — Solihull Sixth Form College

Aspiring Medics Diagnose Illness

Aspiring medics at Solihull Sixth Form College got a taste of undergraduate study recently, when representatives from Keele University visited to deliver a fascinating interactive seminar.

Learners on the College’s Pre-Medical School enrichment were introduced to the popular teaching style offered at Keele’s medical school by Dr Andrew Morris and Dr Audrey Skidmore. Known as problem-based learning, the students tried their hand at diagnosing an illness using their problem-solved skills. They were given a fictitious case study for an infection, presented with a medical history and encouraged to think of the important questions to ask and medical tests to undertake to help them diagnose the illness. Dr Morris and Dr Skidmore had props on hand to make the experience as realistic as possible and learners concluded that the patient was suffering from a urinary tract infection.

Assistant Principal Trevor Irving commented:

“We have been working with Dr Morris and Dr Skidmore for a number of years now and their interactive sessions are always fascinating. It provides our young people with a fantastic insight into what is it like to be a doctor and how Keele Medical School likes to work with its students. for taking time out to visit the College and work with our students. Our learners engaged strongly in the session and got a lot out of the experience, which will help them to decide if pursuing a medical career is really right for them.”

The Pre-Medical School enrichment is offered to those students who have serious ambitions to study Medicine at university. It is a popular option for students to pursue alongside their main programme of study because it gives them an opportunity to take part in valuable activities related to the profession and supports them in making what is a challenging application into a highly competitive field.

Other academic and career-based enrichments offered at the College include a STEM Programme, Psychology Research School, English Academy, Social Sciences Academy, Teaching Academy, Visual Arts Academy and a Criminology option called CSI Solihull.

25 March 2024