Health & Safety — Solihull Sixth Form College

Health & Safety

The College is committed to providing a well resourced, healthy and safe environment.

Health and safety is the responsibility of every member of the College community. Health or safety hazards should be reported promptly to the main reception in Hampton. Read the full Health & Safety Policy.

At the College you can expect:

  • Learning resources, accommodation and facilities to be appropriate for effective, safe study.
  • A well-resourced library offering a wide range of learning resources backed up by specialist staff who will provide expert advice and guidance.
  • Open Access areas and workshops with 190 PCs and specialist staff to provide support for your learning.
  • A spacious refectory and coffee bar.
  • Sports facilities for both subject based and recreational use, and the opportunity to participate in team games.
  • Access to specialist equipment and facilities for the majority of your classes where this is appropriate to your course.
  • Facilities which will be provided in line with the College’s Property Strategy and Health and Safety Policy & COVID 19 risk assessment.
  • A professionally prepared and planned maintenance programme to maintain the buildings and improve the site.
  • Regular checks and risk assessments on equipment, facilities and work areas to ensure they are safe to use according to the activities that take place.
  • The services of the College’s first aiders.

The Health and Safety Committee will ensure that the Health & Safety policy is monitored and reviewed, but health and safety is the responsibility of everyone who comes onto the College site. In order to maintain a safe working environment, it is important that all students follow these guidelines, in particular:

  • Follow College guidelines and rules laid down within this Student Zone and behave appropriately at all times.
  • In narrow corridors and on stairs, follow one way systems.
  • Make sure you are aware that every room in the College has a fire notice and that this indicates your nearest exits and the assembly points.
  • Take care of equipment, facilities and the buildings, and show respect for the College’s and other people’s property.
  • Co-operate with the College on health and safety matters.


  • Make sure that you read and are familiar with the procedure to be followed in the event of a fire. The procedure is summarised on a notice displayed prominently by the door in each room. These notices will lead you to the nearest fire exits and assembly point. In the event of a fire alarm you must leave the building as quickly as possible, without running and assemble as instructed. The fire alarm sound is a loud siren.
  • Fire drills are held regularly in order that everyone is practiced in evacuating the building quickly and efficiently.
  • There is more information in our Fire Evacuation Plan.

Health Advice

If you have an accident at College:

  • Report the incident to Reception so that injuries can be dealt with promptly, clearly stating if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Complete an accident form with a first aider.

If you are unwell at College:

  • Report to Reception so that appropriate treatment can be given. Clearly stating if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • If necessary you will be sent home and your parents will be contacted if you are unable to get home.

If you are unwell at College but do not need advice:

  • Report your absence via the College website in the usual way.