College Awards 2020/21 — Solihull Sixth Form College

College Awards 2020/21

Every year we hand out awards in all our courses, as well as extra curricular prizes. Normally we would celebrate our students’ successes at a black tie Awards ceremony, but because of the pandemic this year’s event has been cancelled. Instead, we celebrate the Class of 2021 in the video below and list all the winners and their citation are listed below.

Ethan Squires

Ethan has helped foster a culture of enthusiasm and interest in Accounting in the classroom. His positivity and questions have helped others around him, and he has consistently been a great student to have in class.

Applied Science (BTEC Certificate)
Nigah Bokhari

Nigah has an absolutely excellent attitude to work. She always gives her full attention to the subjects studied in class and asks good relevant questions. Nigah is thorough and takes great care with her work, producing a very high standard of work at all times.

Applied Science (BTEC Diploma)
Aisling Chappelow

Throughout the course Aisling has displayed a maturity of approach. She has excellent organisational skills and produces work of the highest quality. She is proactive with her own learning, as well as being supportive of others, all while being endlessly cheerful.

Art & Design – Fine Art
Lauren Royall

Lauren produced an exceptional Unit 1 project with meaningful and ambitious outcomes. The level of research, experimentation and development has been incredibly thorough and her commitment and resilience has been inspiring.

Art & Design – Graphics
Reiss Singh Digpal

Reiss has worked so hard on his Unit 1. He responds really well to critique and has risen to the challenge this year. He’s produced some brilliant outcomes for a fictitious fast food chain called ‘Burger bro.’ The designs are of a very professional standard.

Art & Design – Photography
Hayley-Jayne Subhan

Hayley has worked incredibly hard, with excellent independence, to produce a stunning body of work. They have taken on every piece of feedback offered and made brilliant progress!

Art & Design (BTEC)
Evie Lawrence

Evie is an exceptional student, who has worked with confidence across all the disciplines. Her specialism of Fine Art has seen her grow as an artist, contextualizing her ideas, concepts and combining mixed media of painting with printmaking.

Tazeen Alim

Tazeen displays a keen interest in biology, asking good questions to further her understanding and carrying out independent research into aspects beyond the curriculum. She shows determination and enjoys rising to a challenge by applying excellent problem-solving skills in practical work.

Ben Atkins

Ben has been an exemplary student, who always went above and beyond in lessons and at home. He mastered both the science and art of Business and has been an inspiration to his teachers and fellow students.

Business (BTEC)
Zara Mughal

A highly motivated learner who has consistently maintained exceptionally high levels of effort, motivation and resilience throughout the course to ensure success in her future ventures.

Marcus Merene

Marcus has made outstanding progress throughout A level Chemistry, securing A or A* grades in virtually all key assessments. His dedication and passion for the subject are second to none and he will undoubtedly secure a place to study for a career in Medicine.

John Sleigh Award for Chemistry
Rawan Yusuf

Initially Rawan found A level Chemistry challenging but responded with character to this. She has demonstrated great resilience and determination to make impressive academic progress, this is against the background of both remote independent learning and serious family issues relating to COVID. Rawan is an outstanding, self-motivated student who is now scoring A* grades in Chemistry.

Childcare (CACHE)
Nasiba Ahmed

Nasiba Ahmed has shown great progression throughout the two years of the course. Not only has she grown in maturity, but also in ability. Nasiba consistently makes valuable contributions in class, relating practice to theory with ease. Nasiba supports her peers in whole group situations or on an individual basis. Her work is outstanding and always handed in prior to the submission date. We are really proud of how Nasiba has grown in confidence and knowledge.

Computer Science
Christopher Wood

Chris has worked diligently throughout the year and has not only met his targets, but exceeded them. Despite the difficult year we have all had, he has continued to make huge leaps and has consistently performed at a high level. It has been an absolute pleasure teaching Chris and there is no doubt that he will continue to impress.

Chloe Sheldon

Chloe has been a role model and a mentor for many of her peers in Criminology.  She has worked consistently hard throughout the course and produced impressive written work in all the tasks and assignments that she has completed.

Harmony Wheeldon

Harmony has worked incredibly hard throughout her A level Drama course to produce imaginative and creative performances. She works with focus and integrity, which has resulted in outstanding character work across the two years.

Wendi Shtini

Wendi has maintained a high standard of work throughout the course and is always supporting fellow students. She has been a great advocate for the subject, not least at open events, and she has worked with us on championing the relevance of the subject for girls and highlighting career opportunities for women who have studied Economics.

English Language
Eden Burt

Eden is an outstanding student who has approached English Language with enthusiasm and genuine curiosity. She has worked with consistent determination throughout her A Level, always striving for excellence with absolute commitment. Both in the classroom and throughout the period of remote learning she has been engaged and enthusiastic, and has always given her best.

English Literature
Isabelle Roll

Isabelle is student of huge ability, which she backs up with dedicated hard work. She is mature, thoughtful and kind (suggesting and then organising very successfully a foodbank collection from the class at Christmas, for instance) and a great team player, as well as an outstanding individual talent.

English (GCSE)
Patrick McCormack

Patrick has worked hard all year, showing excellent motivation and determination. His attendance and punctuality have been excellent and he endeavours to put into practise the ideas that we have worked on in class. Patrick has not been deterred by the challenges of the subject and is focused on doing his very best this year, producing some excellent creative work.

Film Studies
Eve Farrell

Eve’s commitment to her studies has been very impressive and her work is of a consistently high standard. Her contributions in lessons have been appreciated by everyone and she has been a pleasure to teach.

Marion Adeniyi

Marion has been an exemplary student throughout the course. She has worked with great enthusiasm and commitment and has made excellent progress.

Joseph Hickman

Joseph has been an excellent ambassador for Geography throughout his time at College. He has made outstanding progress through determination, practise and his passion to understand the complex interactions between humans and our planet.

Charlotte Gardner

Charlotte has pursued her studies in Geology with curiosity, academic rigour and flair. Her work has been consistently outstanding because she has shown consistent effort, a positive attitude and a desire to understand the Earth and its systems.

Ines Krabbe

An enthusiastic student and a highly valued member of the class, Ines’ commitment to and achievement in her German studies throughout her time at College has been exemplary.

Health & Social Care (BTEC Certificate)
Emma Harvey-Ward

Emma has been outstanding throughout the year, including online learning. She is always the first in the class and the last to leave and put 110% into her work. She also suffers with anxiety and was very upset about coming back to college because of Covid, but like the trooper she is found a way to overcome it.

Health & Social Care (BTEC Diploma)
Annabel Mallett

Over the two-year period, Annabel has consistently shown commitment to her studies. Her work has been exemplary and always completed to a high standard. She has undertaken a significant amount of research whilst taking every opportunity to gain relevant experience to strengthen her knowledge. Annabel has shown resilience during the lockdown periods and engaged positively with online learning. She has also motivated others around her and has been a valuable member of the class. She has developed her confidence, skills and application to theory whilst out on placement. We are proud of the progress Annabel has made and she will be an asset into her chosen field.

Louisa Alcock

Louisa’s work preceding lockdown was exceptional, and she has continued to thrive, despite having to quarantine at home. Her work reflects the high standards she sets for herself, her intellectual curiosity and her dedication to her subject.

IT (BTEC Subsidiary Diploma)
Vina Patel

Vina is a hard-working and conscientious student who has applied herself well within her academic studies and is on track to achieve a distinction* in her qualification. She works conscientiously and independently and has produced work of a consistently high standard throughout the course.

IT (BTEC Extended Diploma)
Sam Elliott

Sam has demonstrated throughout the course the essential skills required to meet the high demands of a 100% coursework course and the work he has produced has been exemplary. It has been an absolute pleasure teaching Sam and we wish him all the best in the future.

Seth Junior Boateng

Seth has shown himself to be a conscientious, hardworking and committed student over the last two years. He always makes interesting contributions in lessons, always works hard outside of lessons, has a questioning mind and has been an inspiring role model to other students in the class. Seth also has a calm and focussed demeanour and has exemplary attendance. He has been a pleasure to teach.

Mathematics (A Level)
Yan Karavayeu

Yan is an outstanding and hardworking mathematician, who always pursues complex ideas with enthusiasm and displays an excellent insight into advanced mathematical problems. The quality of his work in Mathematics is exemplary and he enjoys reading further into the subject.

Mathematics (Further)
Christopher Wood

Chris has consistently been an outstanding student in Further Maths. He is a talented young mathematician, who has taken an enormous amount of effort to make the most of that ability.

Mathematics (Core)
Amber Ali

Amber’s mathematical ability has blossomed this year through continual hard work. She has demonstrated superb resilience, excellent focus and a positive attitude, and is a shining example to others.

Mathematics (GCSE)
Misha Tauqeer

Misha has shown a great application to her studies to make remarkable progress quickly this year. She demonstrated a quiet and conscientious attitude to her studies and was justly rewarded with a grade 5 in the November examinations.

Media Studies
Hayley-Jayne Subhan

Hayley is a diligent and focused student who always strives to produce excellent work. Hayley has developed as an independent learner during the course and is always determined to achieve the best grades possible.

Rose Price

Rose has displayed passion, intelligence, curiosity and sheer hard work throughout her time in Music. Not someone to seek the limelight, Rose has always looked to progress her knowledge without fuss or need for praise. She has worked tirelessly on all her coursework, becoming an accomplished pianist to balance her already secure skills on the viola. Her dedication to study technique historical and contemporary composers has changed Rose’s composition style, giving her the confidence to write successfully for large scale performances. She has successfully secured many offers to study Music at university.

Muhammed Hasan Lone

Muhammed has demonstrated exceptional commitment to Philosophy throughout his time at the College. He has participated in our lessons with enthusiasm and he has produced work of a consistently high standard.

Physical Education
Ethan Squires

Ethan has consistently produced outstanding work throughout the two years of the course. He can articulate high level responses in written work under time pressure with a level of understanding beyond the nature of the specification.  Ethan is also a standout sports performer, who has demonstrated that he is a very proficient football player in and out of College. He has also been very supportive of other students in the class and uses his depth of knowledge and skills to support others.

Tom Sollers

Tom stands out as a student who has struggled and shown grit and perseverance. His early work showed a lack of organisation, he struggled to meet deadlines and in his first few assessments he struggled to get good grades. During the first lock down he re-evaluated his working practices and began to engage. He found that when he asked questions, he made the best progress and discovered a sense of self-discipline that enabled him to begin to meet deadlines. By the September of the second year he was showing his true colours and achieving with the best students in the class. He deserves this award, not for simply being one of the best students in the class, but also because the journey that he has followed from a difficult beginning to finding that he can achieve.

Joshua Cheatle

Joshua has been an inspiration to his peers throughout the course. His enthusiasm is infectious, his commitment and motivation are impressive, and he has risen to the challenge of remote learning, being remarkably organised, resourceful and successful during these times.

Louisa Alcock

Louisa, your time at College has been very unusual to say the least! You have spent the whole of Year 13 Psychology learning remotely. However, you have not let these challenges impact your learning or enthusiasm for Psychology. You have attended all online lessons, engaged and participated in lessons via the screen and produced outstanding work. You are motivated, diligent and so enthusiastic to learn. You have demonstrated true resilience and grit. It has been an immense pleasure to teach and I know you will flourish even more at university. Well done and congratulations from all the Psychology department!

Stella Joseph-Travis

Stella is an extremely dedicated Psychology student who has adapted amazingly well to the challenges that the two years at the College has brought. She has been able to continue to progress throughout both years and was able to rise to the challenge of remote learning, showing how she is continually committed to improving in Psychology. She has developed excellent knowledge across the course and is able to utilise this expertly with a quiet confidence to maximise her marks on questions. She is very humble in her ability, but her writing leaves us in no doubt of her expertise in this subject as a result of an immense amount of hard work.

Religious Studies
Anisa Awan

Anisa has worked extremely hard in Religious Studies throughout her time at the College. Her approach to her studies has been thoughtful and mature, and she has flourished in this subject.

Carla Puebla Burgell

Carla has been an enthusiastic and highly motivated student throughout the course and a real asset to the class. A complete beginner in Russian, she has made excellent progress.

Caitlin Cross

Caitlin has been a role model and inspiration to her peers in Sociology. She is very organised, conscientious and motivated. She is incredibly generous in the support she gives to those who are finding the subject challenging.

Seth Junior Boateng

Seth has displayed outstanding commitment, enthusiasm and work ethic with an extremely mature approach to his studies. He has been a real asset to the class.

Sport (BTEC)
Reuben Jones

Reuben is a very polite and respectful young man liked by the staff and his peers alike. He is a very committed and conscientious student who approaches everything he does wholeheartedly, including playing rugby for the college. He produced work of a consistently high standard and always made excellent contributions in lessons, displaying an inquisitive mind. He really matured during his time with us and was a pleasure to teach.

Elliot Cusack

Elliot has shown himself to be a determined student of A level Statistics, who has consistently displayed a deep understanding of the subject. His attitude to learning is exemplary.

Student Council
Imaan Adeel Riaz

Imaan has been a hugely valuable member of the Student Council. She has been consistently reliable and never hesitated to volunteer for work opportunities.

Ambassadors to the Future
Isabelle Roll

Issie is a truly outstanding student who throughout her time at college has demonstrated an exemplary approach towards her studies, often going above and beyond expectations. Academically, her teachers have said she has worked like an undergraduate and in fact she has almost been an extension of the teaching staff, frequently producing work that was used as exemplar work so that other students could benefit from it, sharing interesting insights in verbal contributions, running a subject WhatsApp group and giving the teacher useful feedback, along with using her initiative to take action that would save other students confusion. With 100% attendance throughout her time at college she really thrives being around people and has been an enthusiastic and valuable member of the community often volunteering herself and her time freely and always thinking of others. You only need to meet Issie for a short period for her to make a lasting impression on you. Her phenomenal attitude to learning has enabled her to produce flawless work at A level standard, and this conscientious approach will no doubt enable her to be extremely successful in the future. She truly is a Student Ambassador for the Future.

Student Governors
Muhammed Hasan Lone

Over the last two years Muhammed has served the Local Governing Body with aplomb. He has been reliable, well prepared and always makes valuable and insightful contributions. He leaves with our sincere thanks and best wishes for what we know will be a bright future.

Extended Project
Seth Junior Boateng

The quality of Seth’s Extended Project on the works of Homer and his exceptionally mature attitude to his project as a whole were truly outstanding.

Exceptional Progress
Tyreena Simon

Tyreena has shown remarkable determination and resilience to achieve a D*D*D* in BTEC Health and Social Care in spite of the personal challenges she has faced in recent years. It has been fantastic to see her knowledge, skills and confidence grow as she has pushed herself to be the best that she can be. What a super star!

Exceptional Progress
Muhibb Hussain

Muhibb deserves this award for his ability to smile in the face of adversity! He has not let his worsening physical health get in the way of his studies and has kept smiling through moving into daily use of a wheelchair to travel about the campus. He is focused and determined and an absolute inspiration.

Congratulations to all the students who have won awards!