Ofsted Report

The College was last inspected by OFSTED in January 2018. Read the Ofsted Report.

Here are some of the highlights of what OFSTED had to say about the College:

“Students feel safe and their safety is a high priority for the college. Senior managers’ highly effective approach to keeping students safe has created a secure and harmonious learning environment. Students have a good understanding of the importance of equality, and they value the diverse community in which they learn. The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.”

“The majority of students taking the BTEC National Diploma make good progress from their starting points and achieve high grades.”

“The new trustees and trust leaders have high aspirations for the college and the students. They have a clear vision of how the new academy can benefit staff and students through the sharing of good practice across the college. They understand the importance of monitoring students’ progress and the quality of teaching and learning. They have set challenging and appropriate targets for college managers and are holding them to account well.”

“Leaders have developed effective partnerships with local schools and universities, which have led to students progressing well to university.”

“Senior leaders have a clear strategy for the development of students’ skills in mathematics and English.”

“The large majority of students benefit from participation in a wide range of enrichment activities. Vocational students benefit from high-quality work experience. All students benefit from impartial and high quality careers guidance, which leads to positive destinations for the large majority of students.”

“Leaders and managers place particular importance on equality. Senior leaders clearly set out expectations in terms of respect and non-discriminatory behaviour. They ensure that staff and students participate in appropriate training. Staff and students treat each other with respect. As a result, leaders and managers have developed a safe and harmonious learning environment, which staff and students value.”

“The majority of students are positive about their overall learning experience and the support they receive, and are motivated to learn. They work well together and benefit from both peer and teacher support.”

“The majority of students produce classwork to an appropriate standard and are proud of the work they produce.”

“Students are well behaved, friendly and arrive in class ready to learn. They display a strong work ethic inside the classroom.”

“Students have access to a wide range of well-planned and organised enrichment activities. These include a variety of societies and academic forums to support higher education applications.”

“The very large majority of BTEC students benefit from an external work experience placement, which has helped them to develop well personal, social and work-related skills, or example their timekeeping and teamwork.”

“Students benefit from comprehensive and effective impartial careers guidance from experienced advisers. This enables them to make informed decisions about their immediate higher education choice.”

There is more information about the College and our results on the Department for Education website, including Performance Tables.


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