Mrs Williams

“One of the positives is that being big, the College offers variety. The Sixth Form College was the only College that my daughter could go to for that range of subjects, which is absolutely brilliant. It has meant she could study Italian last year and this year she’s been able to do Russian and those are opportunities she wouldn’t have had elsewhere. The extra curricular options are also great – again, because the College is bigger it can offer a bit more. My daughter tells me that the Principal often stands out on the gate in the morning and makes himself available to students. You don’t see that very often with College Principals and it’s a nice touch.

“The teaching my daughter has received has been good. She talked to us about one of her History teachers last year and how he had really inspired her. Studying History has given her the opportunity to go to Belgium on a Battlefields trip and that was excellent too. She told us that one of the teachers took his guitar with him and gathered the students together to sing old World War 1 songs in the evening. I think that’s great! She got to go on a languages trip with the Languages department last year too, which was a wonderful opportunity. She has also spoken about the language lessons she has with a native speaker. She loves having those lessons and looks forward to it every week. She told us about one of her Maths teachers as well, who she said really put in extra time going over things with her, which is great.”

Mrs Williams, parent of a former student