Mrs Biggs

“My son has gained so much from choosing The Sixth Form College, Solihull; I’m so pleased he made that decision. He has forged good relationships with his teachers and made some friends along the way. The support offered from the College, particularly in his AS year, relating to workshops for Maths and Science, has been helpful. He had been unsure as to whether he wanted to study Maths, but was advised it would benefit his ambition to apply for Medicine at university his Maths Tutor was so enthusiastic about the subject that he has been inspired by him he now says it was a good decision and enjoys the subject, finding it exciting for the first time ever! Staff are always helpful, particularly his academic coach, who has helped him with his UCAS application. The environment at College being a place where he feels he is treated as an equal has increased his self-esteem and confidence. Although the decision to move from Secondary School was a difficult one, it was a good move and seems to be a good transition for him. As a parent, I have found being able to follow his progress online (via Tyber) very beneficial and I have not had any concerns about him attending College, as he seems to like it so much. He has settled in well and feels comfortable. He fits in with the like-minded people he is studying with and it feels like a good step in his future, hopefully leading towards a place at university.”

Mrs Biggs, parent of a former student