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Welcome to College Day

Solihull Sixth Form College campusEvery student with an offer to study at the College in September 2023 will be invited to attend a taster day in July. A level and mixed programme students (i.e. those hoping to study a mixture of A level and BTEC Single or Double award courses) will be invited in on Thursday 6 July, while Triple BTEC and T level offer holders will be invited in on Friday 7 July.

We are returning to an in-person taster event, after moving online during the pandemic. As well as subject taster sessions, learners will be able to find out about our exciting range of Enrichment options. There are more than 40 activities for students to choose from, give learners a chance to develop vital skills, make new friends and boost their post-college progression opportunities. Students will be asked to choose their enrichment option when they enrol in August, so taking this opportunity to learn more will aid that decision.

See what to expect from Welcome to College Day in the video below.

Information information about Welcome to College Day 2023 has been emailed to those students who hold an offer and more information will follow by email on Friday 23 June. Students on A level, Single BTEC and Double BTEC programmes will be asked to book their taster sessions online between Friday 23 June – Friday 30 June in order to attend the event on Thursday 6 July. For students on a Triple BTEC or T level course, there will be no requirement to book sessions, but the email that goes out on Friday 23 June will explain the timewtable they are following and tell them which building/room to go to on campus for their taster lessons which will take place on Friday 7 July.

Ahead of the event, the following documents will be useful for students to download:

Download our 2023 Enrichment Guide

Download the Welcome to College Day Guide – A level, Single BTEC and Double BTEC Day on Thursday 6 July only

Download the Welcome to College Day Guide – Triple BTEC & T level Day on Friday 7 July only

Download the Summer Homework for all our courses


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