Student Guide Employment

Current students who are employed by the College to work as guides at events such as open days are required to complete some admin in order for their pay claims to be processed. Please complete the following steps:

Before the event:

  1. Read and understand the College’s Safeguarding & Child Protection policy.
  2. Read and understand the College’s Health & Safety Information Booklet.

After the event:

  1. Complete the Pay Roll Form, Safeguarding and Health & Safety Reply Slip and Payment Form (which will be given to you by the member of staff supervising your work on the day of the event). Please ensure that the Payment Form is signed by which ever member of staff was supervising you at the event you were working.
  2. Hand all three completed forms into the Human Resources Office (H220 – down the Admin corridor next to Main Reception in Hampton Building), together with proof of ID. You can use Passport, National Insurance Number Card, P45 form (original required), P60 form or full Birth Certificate as proof of ID.

Please note, payment cannot be made unless all the above steps are taken. You must have a bank account (in your name, not in the name of a parent or sibling), a National Insurance Number and have the right to work in the UK in order to be paid for any work you undertake for the College. If you do not fulfil this criteria and do not wish to work for the College as a result you must inform the member of staff supervising you for the event you are scheduled to work. Payment will be at least one month after the event and may be longer if there are many student payments to be processed or if paperwork is incomplete.

Please also be aware of our fire and first aid procedures for Open days:

Fire Marshals (staff) are designated for each area of the campus in use at the event and they are responsible for sweeping their area of the campus to ensure no one is left in the building. You must immediately evacuate as normal to one of the four fire assembly points (by the tennis courts, back of the rear car park, by the bike shed and on the playing fields). Please support our visitors by helping them find their nearest fire assembly point and explain to anyone who asks that we will not allow anyone to leave campus until the all clear sounds to keep the access road clear for the emergency services.

First Aid
We will have first aiders (staff) working at all events. Should their services be needed either go to Main Reception or find a phone and dial ‘0’ to make that request. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, please call an ambulance immediately and request a first aider afterwards.

Additional Needs
If you meet prospective students and parents with mobility impairments at an open day please help them to find the elevators in each building. If you do not know where these are located make sure you ask a member of staff before the event starts. If you have prospective students and parents asking about support available for other disabilities or learning support needs, please direct them to talk to Caroline Sweeney, who will be based in the Refectory (ground floor Hampton Building) at Open Days.


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