Student Behaviour

Rules for Student Behaviour

All students sign the College Enrolment Contract when they start with us, and all rules and regulations stem from the principles you agreed to in this important document. All our rules are designed to ensure that both staff and students can work together in a safe, productive and positive environment. If you do not follow these rules, the College will challenge you and follow the disciplinary process, which can, in extreme circumstances or with sustained failure to engage, lead to permanent exclusion (see ‘What happens if you don’t meet the expected standards?’ section):

  1. Students must not behave in any way on or off the premises which brings the College into disrepute. They should respect the authority of all staff and not disrupt the learning of others. Please note that the College works with the police and other local agencies to ensure behaviour in Solihull town centre and on local buses is monitored closely.
  2. Students must carry their ID cards at all times to gain access to the College site and all facilities. ID cards will be required for entry to examination rooms and to the Learning Resource Centre and Library, as well as for printing.
  3. Behaviour which causes offence will not be tolerated, e.g. verbal abuse or vandalism, and sexist, racist or homophobic actions.
  4. Students should not behave in a way that endangers themselves or others. Abusive, violent or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.
  5. Students must observe the College’s rules on driving and car parking. In particular, no car may be brought onto the site without a permit (payment required) and students must not engage in reckless or unsafe driving on the site or the approach road. Students park at their own risk.
  6. Students must not involve themselves in any illegal activities in College buildings and grounds, e.g. possessing, taking or supplying illegal drugs, stealing, misuse of Internet. The College will report illegal behaviour to the police.
  7. Students must not possess or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs either on College premises or on any College organised visits.
  8. All areas of the College campus (both inside buildings and in the grounds) are ‘no smoking’ areas, in line with legislation.
  9. Students must not gamble – with cards etc or electronically – either in College or on any College organised visits.
  10. Students must abide by College policies, e.g. Equality and Diversity Policy, Health and Safety Policy, and any other policies agreed by College. They must observe health and safety codes as set out in College and subject documents.
  11. Students must use equipment within the framework set out in this guide. Failure to follow these guidelines or to deliberately circumvent them is a serious disciplinary issue
  12. Mobile phones must be switched off in lessons, unless instructed otherwise. Students must take full responsibility for the security of their phones and other mobile devices.
  13. Students may not bring visitors on site unless they have a prior appointment and are properly booked in via Reception. Disciplinary action will be taken against students who break this rule.
  14. Students must report to a member of staff anyone who is on the premises and is not a member of the College and is not carrying a visitor’s badge.
  15. Students are expected to dress appropriately during lessons and in the College generally. The College celebrates individuality and creativity but the final decision on acceptability rests with the Principal.

For more information, read out Student Commitment & Behaviour Policy.

What happens if you don’t meet the expected standards?

All the standards and expectations set out here and in your Enrolment Contract are designed to ensure that your time at College is safe and successful. If your behaviour does not meet the standards you agreed to at enrolment and which are set out here in more detail, we would be letting you down if we did not challenge you and help you to deliver the commitment needed to secure good qualifications and prepare you for your next step at work or university.

If things do begin to go wrong in some way, you should expect staff to pick this up and encourage you to get back on track. Casual lateness, inattention and minor disruption, bad language amongst peers, one-off poor preparedness or substandard work and inconsiderate behaviour (such as being noisy near classes) are all examples of inappropriate behaviour and you can expect that staff will address this behaviour. Verbal warnings and concerns marked on Tyber are the first steps that staff will take to address this.

If this does not have the desired effect, you will be required to sit down with a member of staff and formally review what is happening in a “Commitment Interview”, where you will set and record targets for improvement which we will monitor with you. These will normally be communicated to your parents or carers and should help you to re-establish the level of commitment to study that is needed for your success.

If things do not improve, the College has a formal disciplinary process, which gives you a final chance to sort things out while you are closely monitored on a Disciplinary Contract.

If, at this stage, you are still not able to show that you can meet the level of commitment agreed at enrolment, a Disciplinary Panel may be convened. This is the ultimate level of the College disciplinary process and action taken by the Panel can be permanent exclusion from the College.

You should be aware that in the case of serious one-off misbehaviour such as Bursary fraud, violence, involvement with the Police, exam malpractice (including plagiarism of coursework), forgery of documentation or deceit within College processes, a Disciplinary Panel can be convened immediately. Students will normally be suspended if they fail to attend a disciplinary hearing.


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