Student Awards 2019/2020 — Solihull Sixth Form College

Student Awards 2019/2020

Our Class of 2019/2020 is now known!

We would normally hand out awards in front of family and friends at our very own “Oscars” night. As we can’t do that this year, the 2020 prize winners are celebrated here instead. There are awards for every single course, as well as prizes for other significant accomplishments. Congratulations to all our students and to the dedicated teachers who have helped them flourish at College.

Dr Martin Sullivan (Principal) has a message for all the prize winners:

Class of 2020:

Applied Science (BTEC Certificate) – Bradley Canning
Bradley (left) produced excellent assignment work from the start of the course, which has not stopped during home learning.

Applied Science (BTEC Diploma) – Joshua Pearce
Joshua (right) has consistently handed in assignments at distinction level throughout the two years. He always goes beyond what’s needed to expand his understanding of the subject.

Art & Design (BTEC Diploma) – Alyssa Antoniazzi
Alyssa (left) is a student who constantly pushes her research, experimentation and ideas across all of the disciplines areas in Art & Design. She confidently explores her drawing and painting concepts, producing exciting Surrealist outcomes which she often manipulates through digital media.

Biology – Natasha Jones
Natasha (right) has been an enthusiastic and dedicated student of Biology for two years and has worked above and beyond to reach her goals.

Business – Tooba Ayyaz
Tooba (left) has been a model student in Business.
She is always polite, hard-working and a high achiever.

Business (BTEC Diploma) – Emily Noble
Emily (right) has an excellent work ethic and has maintained consistently high grades throughout the course. She possesses a natural flair for Business and is an excellent role model for her peers for whom she has acted as a mentor both in and outside the classroom.

Chemistry – Uzair Qasam
Uzair (left) is an extremely motivated student who tackles extension activities with ease – at times he has been difficult to keep up with! He always has critical questions about new concepts and has been supportive of other students in the group. His good humour and attention to detail have blossomed over his two years at College, and he is in an excellent position to make big steps into the future.

Ashley Baker

John Sleigh Award for Chemistry – Ashley Baker
Ashley (right) has commitment, enthusiasm and an aptitude for Chemistry; a combination that has placed him among the top-performing students. He holds himself to the highest standards and has made impressive progress towards his career ambitions.

Childcare (CACHE Diploma) – Hannah Juckes
Hannah has worked hard to achieve an overall grade A* and has accomplished this through her conscientious and mature attitude both in the class and whilst on placement. Hannah has used her depth and breadth of knowledge and skills to willingly support others. We are all very proud of her and have no doubt that she will inspire others throughout her journey in Education.

Many of our successful Childcare students are pictured below. All students on this course achieved an A or A* grade in 2020.

Computer Science – Max Moloney
Max (left) is a dedicated student and outstanding programmer. He works very hard to continue to build his programming skills in his spare time and has put those skills to work by taking on freelance programming work. In lessons he is always willing to use his skills to support others. Overall he is a very pleasant individual to work with and a credit to his class.

Criminology – Rebekah Brandstatter
Rebekah (right) has been a role model and inspiration to her peers on the Criminology course throughout the two years. Her attitude to learning has been exemplary, she has worked independently with great success and she has been highly organised and exceptionally mature in every aspect of her work.

Drama – Priya Joshi
Priya (left) has demonstrated outstanding commitment to Drama. She is an excellent director who consistently provides imaginative and forward thinking ideas. Priya is a captivating performer who is able to create and present complicated characters on stage. Her knowledge and understanding of the art form is excellent and this is a result of Priya’s effort and high aspirations.

Economics – Sara Anwar
Sara (right) has achieved and maintained a high standard of work throughout the Economics course, demonstrating exceptional commitment and ambition by completing many additional test scripts. She has played a significant role in the life of the subject area, producing an outstanding extended project on Women and Economics and representing the department at open events.

English Language – Nayan Bhattacharjee
Nayan (left) is an outstanding student with a serious commitment to learning. Throughout the course he has worked incredibly hard, participating fully in discussion work and class activities and working independently. He has unfailingly produced the best work he can. He has grown in confidence throughout his time at College, and made great progress. He has always been willing to help other students with their understanding, and has many times agreed for his work to be used as exemplars across the course.

English Literature – Steph Gordon
Steph (right) has demonstrated an outstanding attitude and exceptional commitment throughout her study of A level English Literature. She has produced some exemplary work and has contributed to the learning of other students in the cohort by allowing it to be shared with them. As a dedicated member of the Shakespeare Academy, Steph studied for an Extended Project Qualification on Timon of Athens. She has also assisted the English Department by working as a student helper in the English Literature room on the Open Day and on both Open Evenings.

English (GCSE) – Ahamed Mohamed Khair
Ahamed (left) has been a motivated and academic student who has been in the country for a short period of time and therefore had issues to overcome with his written English. He is also a very determined person who had no intention of letting this hold him back. Ahamed saw English as an opportunity to improve his life skills and achieved 100% attendance. He came to every lesson with the intention of improving his written English as much as he could. He would sit at the front, complete every written task diligently and listen carefully to feedback on his work. In this way, he made consistent improvements throughout the year until he had reached a standard that would allow him to pass the course comfortably.

Film Studies – Prince Laryea
Prince (right) has worked extremely hard for the two years of the course and has produced work of a consistently high standard. His work-rate, knowledge and skills are extremely impressive and he has been a pleasure to teach.

Fine Art – Emily Rao
Emily (left) has shown a huge amount of enthusiasm and commitment throughout the two-year course and has produced some outstanding pieces. She has developed her skills, outcomes and sketchbooks to an exceptionally high standard with a level of detail that is truly impressive. She has been successful in her application to Edinburgh University and we are very proud of her achievements in Fine Art.

French – Francesca Manenti
Francesca (right) is a model student who has made outstanding progress in all aspects of the French course. She speaks fluent French and produces excellent essays.

Geography – Anya Adam
Anya (left) has worked diligently, with unwavering commitment to her geographical studies throughout the two years of her course. Her essays were always well researched, discursive and topical. Her passion to explore and understand further the natural world was very evident, as was her genuine concern for the challenges the global community faces in the 21st century. Anya was truly able to ‘think like a geographer’ and with this vital skill she will be able to adapt and flourish in the next stage of her academic journey.

Geology – Kerys Webb
In Geology, Kerys (right) has shown an outstanding attitude to learning. A thoroughly organised student, Kerys has always produced exceptional work and has persevered and shown resilience in the aspects of the subject that she found most challenging. In practical work, Kerys’ drawings of rock and fossil specimens were just beautiful.

German – Sara Anwar
Sara has been a hugely committed student of German with an excellent work ethic and extremely mature approach to her studies.

Graphics – Haroon Nasir
Haroon (left) has worked extremely hard in Graphics this year and has produced some fantastic work as a result. His commitment and drive to improve have enabled him to develop existing skills and produce some strong outcomes. The presentation of his work is fantastic. He is a positive and proactive student and I am confident he will continue to thrive on his degree course.

Health & Social Care (BTEC Certificate) – Aliyah Mahmood
Ayliah (right) has shown consistency and excellent work throughout the last two years and has developed her knowledge of Health & Social Care, demonstrating this within her work and gaining distinctions. She is passionate about her studies and going to university and has worked hard to achieve her goal always going the extra mile and engaging in classroom activities and supporting others within her peer group.

Health & Social Care (BTEC Diploma) – Romaisa Araf
Romaisa has shown excellent commitment over the two years during which she has developed and demonstrated skills in resilience and confidence. She has been a model student and has set an example above and beyond for her peers and associates in challenging circumstances. Romaisa is very passionate about Health & Social Care to the point where she will excel in her chosen field and we wish her every success in her journey ahead.

History – Steph Gordon
Steph is one of the A* students and has worked quietly with excellent focus and attendance. She is an ambassador for History and volunteered to do the Year 12 buddies support during College closure. Her Powerpoint Presentation on how to approach coursework was fantastic. Steph is a superb role model with an outstanding work ethic and attitude to learning.

IT (BTEC Certificate) – Luke Courtney
Luke is an incredibly hard working and dedicated student who met every criteria first time over the whole two years.

IT (BTEC Diploma) – Marriam Gul
Marriam is a very hardworking student who has shown a real commitment to her studies and has made good progress from Year 12.

Law – Sachpreet Kaur
Sachpreet (left) put great effort into every lesson. In a mock trial she took the role of a barrister and she read up on the rules of evidence, and questioning. Her commitment and her enthusiasm is always outstanding.

Mathematics – Kirsten Lowther
Kirsten (right) is an outstanding and hard-working mathematician, always willing to pursue complex ideas in depth and showing insight into difficult mathematical problems. In addition to her timetabled lessons, she made superb contributions to the Oxbridge classes, holding her own in a group dominated by further mathematicians.

Mathematics (Further) – Zoe Mason
Zoe (left) has consistently been an outstanding student in Further Maths. She is a talented young mathematician who has taken an enormous amount of effort to make the most of that ability. She has gone above and beyond on many occasions, such as her work on the SMTC, MOG, and leading sessions for our MAT meetings. She has deservedly received an offer to study Mathematics at Oxford University.

Mathematics (Core) – Haaris Ahmed
Haaris’ mathematical ability has blossomed this year through continual hard work. He has demonstrated superb resilience, excellent focus and a positive attitude, and is a shining example to others (right).

Mathematics (GCSE) – Alyssa Antoniazzi
Alyssa has shown a great application to her studies and has made remarkable progress over the course of the year. She has demonstrated a quiet and conscientious attitude to her studies and was justly rewarded with a grade 5. It was a pleasure to work with her and we wish her well in her future.

Media Studies – Francesca Manenti
Francesca is a confident, self-motivated and creative student. She is a supportive member of the class who is willing to lead on discussions and activities. She has shown a keen interest in media and has volunteered during taster sessions and open days. Francesca’s progress from Year 12 has been consistent and impressive.

Music – Hannah Goodban
Hannah (right) has been a consistently strong Music student across all aspects of the course. She has performed beautifully in all the College concerts, winning the Heartfield-Wharam Scholarship competition last year. Her written work and her understanding of harmony are both excellent and she is very organised too. Hannah is an intelligent, talented and musical student.

Philosophy – Sachpreet Kaur
Sach is mature and thoughtful, with a committed approach to learning in Philosophy.

Photography – Safwan Chowdhury
Safwan (left) is an incredibly talented photographer who carefully and meticulously considers every detail of his shoots. He has consistently worked hard to source locations, props and costumes for shoots, in order to make them as ambitious and effective as possible. Safwan is going on to study Fashion Photography at Falmouth University, an incredible achievement of which we are very proud.

Physical Education – Daud Atif
Daud has consistently pushed his knowledge and extended his writing skills over the past two years. He is able to bring together his understanding of the theoretical aspects of the course and link them to current issues or examples with ease. His verbal reasoning and ability to analyse both his and others work have allowed him to aim high in all that he has done. We wish him the best of luck.

Physics – Acacia Lynch
Acacia (right) has been an exceptional student. She always reads beyond the specification in order to improve her understanding of the work she will be assessed on.

Politics – Ben Lawrence-Pietroni
In addition to achieving impressive standards of work in Politics, Ben (left) always challenges and questions the easy or popular explanation, sparking lively and high quality debate in class that his peers really appreciate and value.

Psychology – Nayan Bhattacharjee
Nayan has been a dedicated Psychology student since his very first lesson at the College. He approaches lessons with a quiet confidence and always strives to do his best. He has had excellent outcomes throughout the course but despite that has always tried to do even better in every piece of work he has produced.

Psychology – Farah Hafeez
Farah (right) has made excellent progress in Psychology over the two years. She really struggled with Psychology to begin with in Year 12 and has shown great efforts in getting to where she is today.

Religious Studies – Iqra Hussain
Iqra has shown a consistently positive approach to all her studies and her passion for the subject was such a positive influence on those she worked with.

Russian – Aaron Pring
Aaron (left) has shown great resilience and commitment on this challenging course (a beginner to A level Russian in two years), making very good progress.

Sociology – Ameenah Hussain
Ameenah has set the bar very high throughout the Sociology course, producing work consistently of an A* standard, working in a mature and effective way in her own time and making excellent contributions in class which are appreciated and valued by her peers.

Spanish – Eve Sayer
The commitment, enthusiasm and work ethic displayed in Spanish by Eve (right) is outstanding. Her growing confidence in speaking the language has been superb.

Sport (BTEC Diploma) – Lara Evans
Lara has shown excellent commitment to develop both personally and academically over the duration of the BTEC Sport course. She is an outstanding young lady and all of us wish her the very best in the future.

Statistics – Sara Hadi
Sara has shown herself to be a determined student of Statistics who has not only worked with rigour but has progressed from Year 12 through to the end of Year 13 with an increased conviction about the course content. She has independently challenged questions and has successfully endeavoured to answer the more contentious problems in Statistics. A real pleasure to teach!

Sports Awards
Football – Finley Gaynor
Fin (left) was the motor in the engine that pushed the team to new heights this year. He was able to raise his game when the pressure was on and produced performances that demonstrated the level of progression that he has made during the last two years. It also has shown that Fin has matured during this time as he was able to control his emotional response to support those around him when needed.

Basketball – Chris Gkoufas
In his two years in College, Chris (right) has been a model student. As captain of the College Basketball team, he has led by example from returning from a long injury lay-off to leading the team and being top scorer. His attendance at practice was close to 100% but if the opportunity presented itself he would be preparing well ahead of time, warming up or working on his skill development. Chris recognises that to optimise on your opportunities you need to invest effort into the process and appreciated the benefits of exerting maximum energy.

Rugby – Jack Lonie
Jack (left) has been an excellent player across the two years in College. He has become a central character in the team and assisted the coaches in developing the strong culture of the group. It has been particularly noticeable that Jack has been a role model for others and he will definitely be missed next year.

Netball – Emily Carless
Emily (right) has shown dedication over the two years and has been an inspiration and role model to other students. Part way through the session she has stepped up to be captain due to her developed leadership skills and especially constant words of encouragement for all players whilst on the court in GK position.

Extra-Curricular Awards
Student Council – Ben Clarke
Ben (pictured right) has worked so hard within the Council, with 100% attendance, and always gone above and beyond with all duties asked. Ben has delivered two excellent Autism presentations to over 100 students and staff members. He has certainly pushed himself over the last two years and has been a huge asset to the council and council members.

Ambassadors to the Future (Principal’s Award) – Saffron March
Saffron (pictured right with Ben Clarke) has a strong sense of community. She has always been the first to volunteer during her time at the College, whether it’s being part of Student Council, helping out at open days or participating in a range of other cross-College events. This attitude and her strong work ethic will take her far in the future.

Ambassadors to the Future (Principal’s Award) – Ben Clarke
Ben has been an inspirational student at the College, well known and liked by staff and students. He has been an excellent ambassador for the College and also for autism and is destined to be successful in the future.

Student Governors – Saffron March
Saffron has displayed excellent commitment to her role as a student governor. She is reliable, reflective and always considerate of others.

Extended Project – Hannah Goodban
Hannah is a highly dedicated and well-motivated student. Her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) was outstanding and demonstrates superb independent working skills and initiative. Her investigation into teaching music in Primary schools was creative and showed real enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the topic.

Exceptional Progress – Jesse Scott
Jesse has an unwavering approach towards her studies and has worked with relentless enthusiasm and commitment throughout the entirety of her course. Jesse is an exceptionally pleasant and polite student who is a delight to have in the class.

College Colours – This is a special award that any student who receives a commendation can apply for. Students must demonstrate leadership and team-working skills and complete a Stretch & Challenge activity. The latter can be anything, as long as it truly challenges them.

College Colours – Joshua Oldfield
Joshua (left) set himself a target to run a half marathon. He created a training plan, which involved entering races for a shorter distance and then successfully ran the half marathon.

College Colours – Samia Islam
Samia (right) organised a fundraising event for addiction charity Betel UK. She sold cakes, handed out leaflets and educated fellow students about addiction. She also set up a display in the Refectory.

Awards for the 2020/21 academic year will be revealed in June 2021.

The Summit Learning Trust have announced their award winners for the 2019/2020 academic year across all the academies within the Trust. See their celebration video below: