Senior Management

Senior Management (SLT)

DSL staff

The College is led by Principal Martin Sullivan and Vice Principals Janice Hamilton and Jamie Staddon. You will also be allocated an Academic Coach, who will guide you during your time at College. Your Academic Coach should be your first point of contact. Students are also allocated to a senior manager, who will be one of the staff listed below. You can see who your academic coach and senior manager (see list below) are on the front page of your Tyber profile.

Zoe Bereza
Louise Dale-Barron
Richard Hammond
Trevor Irving
Oona Stone
Sonia Wood

You can make an appointment to see your senior manager by going to Hampton Room H115. If you are contacted with an appointment to see your senior manager it is important that you keep the appointment. If you are unable to attend the meeting please go to Room H115 in Hampton beforehand to re-arrange the appointment.

Progress Managers

Progress Managers oversee the work of our Academic Coaches and monitor the progress of students. These staff are:

Sarah Law
Nancy Tromans
Halyna Wheatley


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