Praise Culture

Rewards and Sanctions

The College operates a rewards and sanctions scheme in which excellence and exceptional effort are rewarded and behaviour below the expected standard is tackled. This policy exists to help motivate you and help you to stretch your potential.

Among the rewards that students can strive for are:

  • College Colours – students can apply for College Colours, which are awarded if you can demonstrate you have met published criteria and achieved an individualised ‘Stretch and Challenge’ target.
  • Ambassadors to the Future – this award recognises special students chosen by the Principal each year, whose attitude, commitment and hard work have made them outstanding examples of what this College offers to the future.
  • Commendation – any member of staff can put a student forward for a commendation for a variety of achievements including:
    – exceptional effort
    – outstanding work
    – exceptional achievement in sport
    – superb contribution in drama productions and music concerts
    – significant personal contributions to community and charity events
    – major improvement and/or significant personal effort which shows student commitment beyond the norm
  • Attendance Certificate – 100% attendance over one term.
  • Attendance Commendation – 100% attendance over two terms/year.
  • Subject Specific Awards – subjects run their own celebration events, with individual criteria for success.
  • Annual Subject Awards – small financial awards are made at the Celebration Evening in each subject area.
  • Tyber ‘Cup’ – achievements are celebrated on Tyber with comments from staff (viewable by parents) for good marks, good performance, recognition of high personal commitment and engagement with work or other activities, support for College in a public forum, support for fellow students.
  • Staff/Student Interactions – staff endeavour to provide you with feedback (both verbal and written) to praise you for good work and guide you on improvements you can make.

These rewards are aimed at motivating you to achieve success. Should you not approach your studies with appropriate commitment and as such fall below expected standards, sanctions can be imposed.