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Academic Coaching

Academic success depends largely on the student. Our teaching staff and academic coaches will help your son or daughter as much as they can, but ultimately the final results will depend on the amount of effort the student makes throughout the course. Academic Coaches deliver weekly group sessions which cover a range of topics including developing behaviour and attitudes to be successful at sixth form, personal and awareness and progression. These sessions are a valuable and compulsory part of the timetable. In addition, students will have regular one to ones with their Academic Coach where they will reflect on their progress and set targets to help them continue to improve.


This process:-
• encourages students to take responsibility for planning their learning.
• helps them to make clearer and better informed decisions.
• enables them to identify their long/short term goals and reach them.
• helps them to self-evaluate, which means recognising their strengths and weaknesses.
• involves target setting to help them to tackle weaknesses and achieve short term goals.
• focuses on their achievements.

This is an on-going process and your son or daughter will work with their academic coach, regularly reviewing progress and updating their action plan with new targets.

Should it be needed, the academic coach can assist students in accessing more specialist resources. The College has an excellent Student Support Services team, which includes financial advice, student welfare support, counselling, and health advice. Expert careers advice is also offered and additional learning support is available if a particular need is identified. These services exist so that every student can maximise their potential.
The academic coach will also help your son or daughter in their progression to the next stage of their development, be it higher education or employment. If it is the former, they will help with UCAS applications and personal statements. They can also provide references where needed.

The academic coach should be your first point of contact for queries about your son or daughter – click here to access contact information for them.


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