Online Safety

Making sure that you are safe on line and that you use the internet and social media responsibly is of fundamental importance in today’s world. Discussion on your e-safety and cyberbullying takes place in your academic coaching sessions throughout the year and in your lessons. Here are a few basic guidelines for safe use.

In College:

  • Respect other users online
  • Bullying – do not reply, save the evidence and report it to a member of staff.
  • Do not upload/view inappropriate images or content.
  • Do not share your login details with anyone else.
  • Report any concerns to a member of staff.

Our general advice:

  • Do not share personal details online.
  • Do not meet any unknown chat room/social networking friends in real life.
  • Only add people you know to your friends on chat room/social networking sites.

You will find a full copy of the College’s Online Safety Policy here. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of staff to report any e-safety issues. For general information on e-safety visit


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