University Politics Workshop

Politics students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull welcomed staff and students from the University of Birmingham’s Political Science and International Relations department.

Led by Dr Matthew Whiting, who was accompanied by a small group of university undergraduate and postgraduate students, A level students explored whether the UK Parliament is fit for purpose. They compared it to other countries political structures and discussed the pros and cons of the different structures. This included the way the wider public view the government, with politicians being the least trusted group in UK society.

The A level course focusses on both UK and US politics. The former includes the nature of democracy and participation, the political parties in UK politics, the electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media. The constitution, Parliament, the Prime Minister and executive and the relationships between the branches of government are also part of the course, making this workshop particularly relevant.

Politics teacher and Assistant Curriculum Leader Julie Watts commented:

“We are grateful to Dr Whiting and his students for giving up their time to visit us. We had a lively debate, which was particularly useful in stretching the students understanding and which we hope will enable them to strive for the higher grades.”

20 March 2018