TV & Radio Help Students Celebrate

Students at Solihull Sixth Form College got the chance to share their wonderful accomplishments at A level and BTEC this morning with the help of ITV’s Good Morning Britain and Free Radio.

With more than 1,000 A* and Distinction* grades to celebrate, national and local media were on campus to bring the nerve-wracking moment when students discovered their grades into the homes of millions of people around the country.

Good Morning Britain focussed on the successes of five students primarily – A level students William Guest, Isobel Knight and Isabelle Roll and BTEC students Keya Parmar and Charlie Wells. William Guest achieved an A in Computer Science and two A* grades in Mathematics and Physics and is planning on continuing his Physics studies at Manchester. Isabel Knight is going to progress to University College London to study German and Russian, having got A* in those subjects at A level, as well as A grades in Film Studies and Sociology. Isabelle Roll achieved all A* grades in A level history, English Literature and Psychology to earn a place at the University of Southampton.

Championing the BTEC cause, Keya Parmar talked to Good Morning Britain about her achievements on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Business course, as she got the top grade of Triple Distinction* to get a place at Aston University, studying HR & Business Management. Charlie Wells matched her achievement, but in the BTEC Extended Diploma in Art & Design course and he is progressing to the University of Liverpool to study Architecture.

If you missed Good Morning Britain, watch it now below:

Away from television, an ex-student – now working for Free Radio – was in College to talk to students and he interviewed Polina Savicka, Ben Atkins and Charlie Wells. Polina is off to Liberty Laben Conservatoire of Music & Dance to study Music Composition, after getting two A*s and one A at A level. Ben has chosen to pursue an apprenticeship in Chartered Accountancy thanks to his four A* grades in Accounting, Business, Computer Science and Mathematics.

College Principal Dr Martin Sullivan commented, “I’m thrilled to be able to highlight our students’ successes to such a large audience thanks to Good Morning Britain and Free Radio. It’s a nervous day for the students and opening their results live on TV or radio is no small thing. I’m proud of all their achievements.”

10 August 2021