The Imitation Game Screening

IT students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull got an insight into code breaking during World War 2 this month, thanks to a screening of the film “The Imitation Game”.

Through watching this film, students on the BTEC Extended Diploma in IT course learned about Alan Turing and the team of ‘Code Breakers’ who were stationed at Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes during World War 2.

Turing was an English mathematician, who is widely considered to be the inventor of the first electro-mechanical digital computer and whose work was highly influential in the development of theoretical computer science. The code breakers team had a top-secret and almost impossible task of deciphering enemy messages, which were encrypted using an Enigma Machine, and then intercepted by British Intelligence when being transmitted between the various divisions of the German military.

It is estimated that the work of Turing and the code breaker team shortened the war by as much as four years and subsequently saved up to 21 million lives. Several of the units within the BTEC Extended Diploma in IT cover how encryption and cyber security play an ever-increasing vital role in digital communication in the modern world.

BTEC IT teacher Joe Lock commented:

“Students enjoyed the show as well as the short lecture on encryption which preceded it. The film served as a good introduction to the unlikely origins of modern computer systems and will hopefully whet the appetites of the students for the upcoming BTEC trip to Bletchley Park, where it all took place.”

Year 13 student Farah Faqir added:

“The screening of the Imitation Game was enjoyable and informative to watch. Having the opportunity to delve deeper into the story of Alan Turing, while learning how he was able to analyse messages from the Enigma device to create a decryption device of his own was interesting to visit. The journey within the movie was educational and compelling to watch, especially with the clear links it was able to make with what we are currently studying within our course.”

1 April 2019