Social Work Career Pathway

Psychology and English students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull got the opportunity to meet and learn from a lead social worker recently.

Adam Birchall is a Lead Social Worker, who studied at The Sixth Form College, Solihull and went onto University of Birmingham. He spoke to the students about how they can use the content that they learn in class in a Social Care career. For example, he explained how increased understanding of people can help to find the best ways to help them based on their individual needs. He also raised the important issue of social change in the real world by getting people to understand human rights and diversity.

The students learnt valuable employability skills, such as finding the balance between being authoritative and empathetic, as well as using research to back up what they say. Additionally, Adam emphasised the need to work well as a team to effectively evaluate the needs of individual cases and how to communicate with clients and colleagues when speaking and in written form.

The lecture ended with an interesting and lively conversation between Adam and the students about the different and difficult cases he had worked on and how he had dealt with it.

Psychology teacher Hayley Hemming, commented:

“We’d like to thank Adam for showing the students how their courses can be practically used for a career in social work. The response from the students was incredibly positive.”

14 February 2017