Shakespeare Students Celebrate

Shakespeare enthusiasts from The Sixth Form College, Solihull have been celebrating outstanding results in their private research projects this year, as part of the College’s Shakespeare Academy.

Shakespeare Academy

15 A level English Literature students joined this specialist enrichment back in September and have spent the year participating in extra Shakespeare studies, including trips to productions, seminars and mentoring from staff at the University of Birmingham, the University of Warwick and Keele University. It culminated in each student completing a private research project of their choice called the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), top grades expected when they are announced in August.

Graded like an A level, the EPQ significantly boosts students’ university prospects and with many of these 15 students considering applying to study English at top universities, these results have given them a distinct advantage. Each student produced an artefact as part of their EPQ, with the format of this artefact a choice for the student. The work they produced varied from a diary, a painting, a photo book, a photo comic strip, pieces of creative writing and a theatre programme. One student produced a lesson plan on Macbeth, which partner school, Lyndon School have expressed an interest in using in real lessons. Another student choreographed a dance inspired by women in Shakespeare.

Curriculum Leader for English, Therese Down, commented:

“The standard of work that has gone into to the Academy Extended Projects this year has been truly impressive. The dedication, imagination and determination to succeed that have characterised this cohort has been remarkable. Their extraordinary success is well deserved and they have been a total joy to work with.”

Principal Paul Ashdown added:

“Congratulations to the students and staff on these outstanding results. This group of students have put themselves in a wonderful position when they apply to university in the autumn and I wish them the best of luck. More than that, I hope their participation in the Shakespeare Academy has cemented a love of Shakespeare that lasts a lifetime.”

The Shakespeare Academy is yet one of a host of specialist academies that the College runs, aimed at boosting students’ progression opportunities. Others include a Pre-Medical School, Engineering Academy, Law Academy and Teaching Academy and each hosts links with Higher Education institutions.

28 June 2016