Red Shoes Dazzles Students

Dance ShowcaseDance students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull have been getting inspiration for their own choreography by attending a professional performance this month.

First and second year A level Dance students went to The Curve Theatre in Leicester to see Matthew Bourne’s ‘Red Shoes’. An adaptation of the Powell and Pressburger Academy Award-winning film, this dance performance portrays one girl’s dream to be the greatest dancer in the world.

First year Dance student Esha Timney (aged 16, from Moseley) enjoyed the production.

“I thought ‘Red Shoes’ was amazing,” she said. “Seeing it live helped me understand key features like the costume and set. It helped with my studies because I was able to pick out key elements of Matthew Bourne’s works that we have learnt about in the course. They are similar to other pieces we have studied and I gained greater understanding of those works too. I am grateful that College offers these experiences, as I feel they provide a greater understanding of the course as a whole.”

Fellow first year student Alice Dawkins (aged 16, from Solihull) added:

“I thought it was an amazing experience and it was a performance like no other. There was not one expected event in the whole piece apart from the origins of the story line. It was well thought out and gave the audience an opposing take on dance.”

Second year student Katie Holtom (aged 18, from Hollywood) (pictured right) added:

“I thought ‘Red Shoes’ was an incredible piece to watch, regardless of how it helped my studies. The dancers were brilliant and it stayed true to Bourne’s signature style, including contemporary dance with ballet and also relying heavily on acting, which I always think is brilliantly entertaining. It was also extremely helpful as we study Matthew Bourne as a practitioner and it was useful to be able to see his work in person so we can write in detail about it for our exam. Throughout the piece my sister and I were also constantly pointing out to each other movement we want to use in our own choreography, so the trip also helped with my practical work in the future. My Drama work also benefitted from the trip, as I have already taken inspiration from the set to use in my essay on our set play ‘Our Country’s Good’.”

Katie’s sister Emily Holtom (also aged 18, from Hollywood) agreed. She said:

“Matthew Bourne’s work is famed throughout the dance world, and as expected, the choreography was absolutely stunning and the set was inspirational. I think seeing a live dance work and being able to notice small details makes an amateur dancer really aspire to be of a similar standard. It’s quite encouraging to see the possible careers that dancing would lend itself to.”

23 May 2017