Ramadan Events in College

Staff and students at Solihull Sixth form College have been celebrating Eid, as the month of fasting for Ramadan comes to an end.

A series of events have been taking place at the College to celebrate the festival and create greater awareness among non-Muslim staff and students. This has included a virtual Ramadan presentation, a day of fasting for non-Muslim staff and students and an Asian dress day.

Amaan Ali, a Student Supervisor at the College, has been heavily involved in all the events. He delivered a virtual presentation to staff all about his experience of Ramadan. He invited any staff or student who wanted to experience what it is like to fast during Ramadan to try it over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend. Those that took part, came together to discuss their experiences and here are some of their reflections.

“Ramadan is a holy month for many people and for me to be a part of that and the rewards of the experience has been very influential in the way I have come to understand people. It was challenging, but fundamentally rewarding. I recommend for everyone to try to gain a better understanding for others and their points of views.”

“I found fasting very difficult, and only lasted till 4.00pm when I couldn’t cope with feeling hungry. More than food, I think it’s the dehydrated that impacted me. I admire Muslims and their commitment, as I couldn’t even last a day.”

“I found the period when I got back from work the hardest; I was tired, hungry and didn’t know what to do with myself. I had read the good advice on your leaflet, but I hadn’t planned anything as I should have done. I could see how important it would be to get up early and have something before the start of the fast; again I didn’t do that. To feel well throughout the 30-day period, this must be so important.”

“I found not being able to engage with social activities such as lunch/tea hard! I was still preparing meals for my family, I but was unable to eat any of the food I prepared! I feel for all the Muslim mums/dads out there that ensure food is prepared for iftar for their family whilst fasting themselves!”

As Ramadan came to an end, staff also celebrated by donning traditional Asian dress. Led by Student Development Intern Samia Islam, staff in the Student Development Office dressed up to get into the mood for these celebrations.

13 May 2021