Oxford Brookes Workshops

Media and IT students at Solihull Sixth Form College got a taste of higher education recently, when they participated in a series of workshops at Oxford Brooks University.

Students on the A level Computer Science and Media Studies course, as well as students on the BTEC IT course, were given the excellent opportunity to talk to subject tutors and engage in a series of interactive subject-specific workshops during the visit. The taster sessions ranged from Graphic Design and Film to Digital Media and Computer Robotics. This gave them an opportunity to experience what it would be like to study these subjects and speak to undergraduates who were studying at the university.

Students were also give a tour of the campus by student ambassadors, which provided an insight into the daily life of a student and highlighted the pros and cons of further education. The day helped to raise aspirations of the students and gave them a clear perspective and vision.

First year Media student Jack commented:

“The Oxford Brookes University trip helped me solidify my plans for what I want to do in the future when I leave Solihull Sixth Form College.”

BTEC IT student Samuel added:

“The trip helped me to see what sorts of things are available to me after college. I really enjoyed being able to have a taster of what university life is like. I found the Computer Science and Robotics course very interesting as it is something I would really like to go into a career with.”

15 January 2020