Operating Theatre Live

Biology, Chemistry and BTEC Applied Science students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull got a taste of what it’s like to be a doctor last week, thanks to a day-long workshop with Operating Theatre Live.

Operating Theatre Live


Two representatives from Operating Theatre Live came into College to set up a mock operating theatre in the Sports Hall. Approximately 50 students took part in the Aspiring Medics Workshop, which included a series of lectures and hands-on practical activities. Some students from Joseph Chamberlain College were also present.

The students learnt about human anatomy, patient care, anaesthetics and various systems of the human body including the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system and digestive system. The students were all dressed in scrubs, surgical hats and masks and each had a stethoscope for the day to really get into the part.

Practical activities included dissecting a pig’s brain and eye, inserting a breathing tube into an animal trachea to inflate the lungs and even performing a rudimentary heart transplant using animal organs. A short video of what went on is below.

Natural Sciences Curriculum Leader Joseph Wright commented:

“It was an inspiring day for all the students who participated and many spoke of how much they enjoyed the experience. We perform dissections and other practical activities in College as part of the A level and BTEC syllabus, but some of the things our students got to try out were new to them and highly advanced. Being in an environment as true to an operating theatre as possible really helped to set the scene and it was a great experience, particularly for those aspiring to work in the healthcare professions themselves.”

The workshop also highlighted to students the routes open to them if they choose to pursue a career in Medicine, including the number of years training, the Foundation year rotations and the route to eventually becoming a consultant.

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7 February 2017