Online Oxbridge Tasters

Ambitious students at Solihull Sixth Form College have been discovering what it takes to make an Oxbridge application this term.

A group of 14 students attended an Oxbridge Presentation by the University of Cambridge recently. Stuart Davis, Admissions Tutor at Girton College, and Chloe Richardson, Outreach Officer Girton College, were there to talk to students on Microsoft Teams. Their presentation covered the application system for Oxbridge, how Oxbridge differs from other universities and the College system. They also talked about the selection process, including admissions tests and interviews and what to expect, as well as the importance of extra-curricular and super-curricular activities to ‘impress’ the admissions tutors and show a passion for your subject.

In addition, 9 students attended remote masterclasses given by Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. These masterclasses focused on in Medicine, Philosophy, Chemistry, Classics and Human, Social & Political Sciences. Experts in these fields delivered these events with morning and afternoon Zoom sessions, which included talks, a virtual tour of the college and advice on making competitive applications.

“Those students who are considering making an Oxbridge application are setting themselves a big challenge. Not only do they have to complete their application earlier than everyone else, but they have to go through a rigorous admissions process and they will be up against the brightest students in the UK and beyond. Events like these are a great way of introducing to our students what such an application involves. I’m delighted that so many challenge themselves in this way each year and as a College we will do all we can to support them going forward.”

Assistant Principal Sonia Wood

26 March 2021