Ofsted Rates College as Good — Solihull Sixth Form College

Ofsted Rates College as Good

Students and staff members at Solihull Sixth Form College, part of the Summit Learning Trust, are celebrating as it has been graded a ‘Good’ college following a recent inspection by Ofsted, who also praised the college for the ongoing improvements it has made.

A four-day inspection took place in March earlier this year, with a team of five Ofsted inspectors visiting the college to observe practice across all areas and interview a range of staff members and learners. The invaluable views of parents and carers were also sought.

Inspectors concluded that standards are strong in all areas at Solihull Sixth Form College. In particular, their report noted that “teachers are well-qualified and experienced in the subjects they teach” and “use their expertise to model and demonstrate new knowledge and skills in innovative and interesting ways.” They concluded that “learners enjoy their learning”. Inspectors went on to declare that “leaders are ambitious for their learners. They are proud of the work their staff do to support young people, including those from disadvantaged areas.”

As well as judging the academic provision at the College to be Good, inspectors also praised the way the College cares for learners, noting that “learners benefit from a positive and supportive learning environment where they develop their character.” Furthermore, the inspectors found that “teachers have implemented strategies to help learners stay physically and mentally healthy” and that “learners feel safe” because “staff create a positive culture where bullying or harassment is not tolerated.”

College Principal Dr Martin Sullivan commented:

“I know the College is on a firm upward trajectory – our results demonstrate this, with students achieving on average as well if not better than their GCSE attainment would suggest they should. It is gratifying to find that Ofsted agree with that analysis and reward for all the hard work and dedication of colleagues and learners. We are working towards being an outstanding college and I’m delighted that we are on the right track to achieve that.”

Summit Learning Trust Chief Executive Vince Green added:

“Everyone at Summit Learning Trust is proud of the progress made at Solihull Sixth Form College as reflected in this Ofsted report. The hard work and dedication of colleagues continues to not only result in strong academic achievement by our learners but is also impacting positively on their mental and physical wellbeing. This Ofsted report comes at an exciting time for our College with multi-million-pound investment plans having already been announced to expand the campus. Summit look forward to even more young people in Solihull and Birmingham benefiting from the high levels of education and care Solihull Sixth Form College offers.”

30 April 2024