Newman Bloody Mary Lecture

Newman history lectureHistory students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull got an expert insight into the reign of Mary I this week, thanks to a lecture from Newman University.

Dr Chris Langley from Newman University in Birmingham visited the College to talk to first year A level History students. He delivered a lecture entitled ‘Restoration or Reformation: Catholicism and Mary I, 1553-1558’. As the title suggests, his presentation explored the religious upheaval in England during the 1500s, as Mary I tried to reinstate Catholic values to a country that broke away from Rome during her father’s reign (that of Henry VIII). The talk aimed to get students to look analytically at this period of history, questioning the stereotypical view of ‘Bloody Mary’ and instead considering what she was trying to achieve and how successful or not she was in accomplishing that goal.

A level History students learn about the Later Tudors, which includes the end of the reign of Henry VIII and the subsequent reigns of Edward I, Mary I and Elizabeth I. Dictatorship and Democracy in Germany in 1919-1963 and the Rulers of Russia from 1855 to 1964 are also explored in the course.

History teacher and Assistant Curriculum Leader Allison Sayer, commented:

“We are grateful to Dr Langley for giving up his time to visit the College and talk to our students. Not only was the subject matter highly relevant to their studies, but this was an excellent insight into undergraduate study for them too. Many will be looking to progress onto university when they finish their studies next year, so experiencing a university lecture will help prepare them for that next step.”

10 July 2019