Model United Nations

Five would-be diplomats from The Sixth Form College, Solihull visited Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College this weekend to participate in the Model United Nations Conference.

Postponed in March because of the snow and rescheduled for July, the College’s team represented Equatorial Guinea in the competition. The students participating included Jake Reeve-Yates, Amaan Ali, Darcy Arnold.

The conference began with lobbying on Friday – the students had prepared resolutions on a range of political questions and sought support for their resolutions from other countries. All the students approached lobbying with enthusiasm, negotiating with other teams and merging with other countries.

The students then presented their resolutions on Saturday at committee level. They all spoke clearly and convincingly, and each student was a credit to their team. As a result of their thoughtful resolutions and excellent public speaking skills, all the students’ resolutions were approved. This was a huge achievement given that many resolutions from other countries were rejected.

The most challenging stage for the students was the General Assembly, which took place on Sunday. The students were given the opportunity to present three of their resolutions and, once again, all of these were approved. Amaan Ali in particular showed real determination here – his resolution was interrupted by the USA, (who called for a point of order on another issue and consequently walked out!). Amaan requested a revote later in the day, which was granted and the resolution approved, as were the other two resolutions put forward by the team.

In the end, Sweden won the award for best delegation, while Jake Reeve-Yates got the award for the most persuasive speaker, Shahwar Naeem for the most effective lobbying and Amaan Ali won two prizes for the most effective lobbying and the best dressed!

Humanities teacher Andrew Hill commented:

“All the students conducted themselves in an exemplary manner and took a professional approach to the conference from start to finish. They worked extremely hard, deserved their success and are a credit to the College. We look forward to building on our current success at next year’s conference.”

12 July 2018

Photo courtesy of Joseph Chamberlain College