Media Screenings Trips

Media students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull have been to a series of cinema screenings to develop case studies for their studies.

They have been studying the films “Isle of Dogs” and “Green Book” and went on a fieldtrip to the cinema to view both films.

“Isle of Dogs” is a stop-motion animation created by Wes Anderson, which focuses on a make or break journey made by 12-year-old Atari and a pack of dogs to decide the fate of Megasaki City.

Meanwhile, “Green Book” is an Oscar-winning film directed by Peter Farrelly starring Oscar winner Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen. The film is an American biographical comedy-drama about an African-American classical and jazz pianist (Don Shirley) and his driver and bodyguard during a tour of the Deep South.

Assistant Curriculum Leader Rasbinder Gill commented:

“Both films have helped the students to expand their knowledge of key film theories and broaden their understanding of the media.”

The A level Media Studies course focuses on not only film, but also television, magazine and digital media. Students explore aspects of advertising, marketing, music videos and newspapers and create their own media products during the course.

20 March 2019