Documentary Screening

Media students from The Sixth Form College, Solihull went to a documentary screening at the cinema recently and got the unique opportunity for a Question and Answer session with the director and writer.

media-screening-2016As part of their A Level Media Studies course, students went to see the documentary ‘The Hard Stop’, which was screened during National Schools Film Week last month. The film is about the events that led to the riots across the UK in 2011, following the death of Mark Duggan. This professional film helped students focus on key theories for their written examination and also provided them with some ideas for their coursework. There was also an opportunity to participate in a short Question and Answer session with the director and writer of the documentary, George Amponsah (Writer and Director) and Dionne Walker (Writer).

Student James Leatham asked the writer and director, George Amponash if he had made this documentary with a biased viewpoint? The director replied that they had endeavoured to show the true side of the story which had not been as publicly broadcasted as the police point of view and that the documentary was the unheard story about what they believed happened to Mark Duggan.

James said, “I thought the answer was extremely helpful as he explained his point well that he has not made his documentary one sided; he just wanted to show the view points of people who have not been heard before, or as much, as people in higher authority. He was merely raising awareness to other view points on the tragic incident.”

Media Studies teacher Rasbinder Gill commented: “It was great to take part in National Schools Film Week. This sort of hard-hitting documentary is a tremendous example of the sort of work we hope our students will aspire to produce. While they will not have the financial backing to produce something on that scale, the principles of good documentary making are the same and the students have some excellent resources available at College to produce excellent documentaries of their own, which will form a significant part of their final grades.”

12 December 2016