Lapworth Museum Visit

Geology students at Solihull Sixth Form College visited the Lapworth Museum of Geology at the University of Birmingham recently as part of their A Level studies.

During the morning they used petrological microscopes to investigate rocks in detail and were invited to part of an undergraduate practical lesson, where students were researching deep-sea sediments in different ocean basins. Students then had a tour of the museum and went ‘behind the scenes’ into the museum archives, where they were allowed access to some of the most valuable museum specimens.

The students also took the opportunity to attend a lunchtime seminar, given by Dr Jonathan Turner on the role of geologists in the safe and long-term disposal of radioactive waste in the UK, from which the students gained a valuable insight into the diverse range of careers that are available to the geologists of the future.

Humanities Curriculum Leader Dr Karen Greaves commented:

“Lapworth Museum is always a fascinating place to visit and the students were privileged to benefit from access that most visitors do not get. They learnt a lot and it will certainly aid their A level studies.”

4 February 2020