History trip to Warwick

Zekal ShorishHistory students went on a trip to University Of Warwick recently for a lecture on Nazi Germany. Ex-Swanshurst School pupil Zekal Shorish (pictured right) wrote the following review of this visit:

As a prospective undergraduate student of the University of Warwick, I found the trip to be a very valuable use of my time. Whilst I don’t expect to continue History at degree level, the opportunity to visit one of my five university choices was extremely helpful for me in terms of getting a better idea of the university itself.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working in a lecture theatre environment and being taught in this way was interesting in providing a glimpse of what is to come in even higher education. The lecturers were professors and doctors from various other universities, such as Sussex University, who each gave fascinating lectures on specific topics from Nazi Germany. In addition, the further consolidation of the Nazi Germany course was invaluable in aiding revision for the summer exams.

Overall, I left the trip feeling well informed on both the aspects of Nazi Germany discussed and what an education at the University of Warwick would entail.

28 November 2016