“Henry V” Seminar at Keele — Solihull Sixth Form College

“Henry V” Seminar at Keele

Shakespeare enthusiasts at The Sixth Form College, Solihull took part in a “Henry V” seminar at Keele University recently.

A level English Literature students, who are part of the College’s Shakespeare Academy, visited Keele University to work on “Henry V” with two academics from the English department, Doctors Adcock and Yearling. The two-hour seminar focused on Shakespeare’s treatment of class and kingship in this text. The seminar followed hot on the heels of a screening of Kenneth Branagh’s film “Henry Vth” just weeks before.

The visit also gave the students an opportunity to discuss their possible Extended Project Qualifications (EPQ), to be planned over Christmas. The EPQ is a piece of private research of a student’s choice. Students in the Shakespeare Academy, which is an enrichment option available at the College, will each pick a research topic related to Shakespeare and work on that between January and April.

The theme of the Shakespeare Academy programme this year is ‘Some are Born Great’ and the other two plays the students are studying this year are “Twelfth Night” and “Coriolanus”.

English Curriculum Leader Therese Down commented:

“The day at Keele is always a fabulous culmination to the study and performance part of the Shakespeare Academy programme and signals the beginning of the Extended Projects that are the end result of the year-long enrichment. The setting of Keele University is so beautiful and the academics are always so generous with their tuition. We are very grateful for this annual opportunity to experience University life and English literary analysis at undergraduate level – it’s transformative for the students.”

20 December 2017