HE Seminars in English

Dedicated English students at Solihull Sixth Form College have been attending extra online seminars this term as part of the English Academy enrichment.

Students have been benefitting from the expertise of academics from universities including Aberystwyth, Aston, Bangor and Birmingham, who have been supporting students, along with teachers at the College, in completing an Extended Project Qualification.

Early seminar’s focussed on Shakespeare and more specifically ‘Measure for Measure’. Students then moved on to explore Shakespeare’s contemporaries and the Golden Age of English drama. Other seminars looked at Beat Poetry, Old and Middle English and Early American literature, including Puritan poetry and Romantic rebellion.

Felicity Deamer from Aston University delivered a seminar on Forensic Linguistics, while Dr Rona Cran from the University of Birmingham talked to the students about 20th century American literature and culture. Meanwhile, Professor Richard Marggraf Turley and Dr Lucy Thompson from Aberystwyth University explored the literature of surveillance with students. The latter seminar focused on Philip K Dick’s short story ‘The Minority Report’.

A full term of 10 seminars will be concluded with a presentation from Dr Michael Durrant from Bangor University in the week before Christmas. He will be exploring Shakespeare in print and the question of authorship.

“We are so grateful to the academics from Aberystwyth, Aston, Bangor and Birmingham Universities for giving up their time to work with our students. Their seminars, together with the sessions we have put on in-house have really stretched some of the most enthusiastic of our students in a way that will help them reach the highest standards and boost their progression opportunities.”

Assistant Curriculum Leader Andrew Jackson

11 December 2020