Google & Gaming Talk in Maths

Dr Lissaman, University of WarwickMaths students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull benefited from a visiting speaker from the University of Warwick last week, which applied mathematical theory to real world issues.

Dr Richard Lissaman, who also works with the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP), delivered a talk entitled “Google & Gaming” to Year 12 Mathematics students. The talk touched on simultaneous equations, angles, algebra and vectors and applied these mathematical theories to how Google optimise searches and how computer games graphics are designed.

Isabel Cooper, Mathematics teacher at the College, commented:

“We are grateful to Dr Lissaman for giving up his time to talk to our students. When he asked how many of the students use the internet or play computer games every hand went up in the air, so it was good for the students to see the mathematical modelling behind things they use everyday.”

Curriculum Leader for Maths, Scott Fisher, added:

“It was great to see our first year students taking such a keen interest in this optional talk. Dr Lissaman is highly respected in the Maths world, having written several Maths textbooks, and it was great for the students to benefit from his insight.”

21 March 2019