Getting Exam Ready

Staff and students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull are working together to ensure everyone is ready for the important up-coming exams. Below is the information we are communicating with students this term as part of our “Be Exam Ready” campaign:

Be Ambitious, Be Exam Ready! We want you to head into your exams with high expectations of yourself. In these important last weeks before the exams start, your teachers will be working with you to build your confidence. If you feel you lack confidence in certain areas, now is the time to talk to your teachers about the areas that are worrying you. Tell your teachers the things you are struggling with, so they can help you to focus on improving your understanding.

Be Organised, Be Exam Ready! Make sure your folders and notes are up-to-date. Teachers will be checking and monitoring this to make sure that the resources you are using to revise are correct and effective. You can then make the most effective use of your independent study time.

Be Focused, Be Exam Ready! Your teachers will be working with you in lessons to make sure every minute counts. They will share with you the key learning objectives so you can maximise lesson time. In all A level subjects, there will be a 6-week plan of lessons in place to help you structure your preparation for exams. Commit to this and you can head into your exams with the confidence that you are as prepared as you can be for what you will face in those exams.

Be Prepared, Be Exam Ready! Make a revision plan for all the courses you have exams in. Teachers will be checking these plans to make sure you are on track and sharing ideas on how you can do this. There are lots of revision tips on the academic coaching pages of Moodle.

Be An Expert, Be Exam Ready! Teachers are going to be making sure your understanding of your subject materials is where it needs to be. This means you can expect carefully targeted questions in class that are aimed at challenging misconceptions and reinforcing the key learning you will need to understand to tackle your exams. It is important that you reinforce the work you do in class with effective independent study too, and your teachers can help guide you with this.

Be Practiced, Be Exam Ready! There is nothing quite like practice for getting you ready for exams. It helps you to know what to expect in the real thing and builds your confidence, so you can expect to complete some timed exam questions over the coming weeks. Treat this like the real thing, so you get the most out of it.