Fake News Photo Exhibition

Photography students at Solihull Sixth Form College have had their work featured in the Sixth Form Colleges Association National Art Exhibition 2021.

Five students on the A level Art & Design Photography course were selected to be featured in the online exhibition, with this year’s theme being Fake News. Sixth form colleges from across the country took part and students produced some exceptional and thought-provoking work.

The pieces included from the College were ‘Blinkered’ by Dan Clarke, ‘The Headlines Games’ by Hayley-Jo Lovegrove-Mole, ‘A Generation Brainwashed’ by Jack Murray (pictured above), ‘Sarah Everard: The Woman Whose Death Prompted a Safety Debate in the UK’ by Myah Savage (pictured right) and ‘Great Expectations’ by Nadia-Ayana Ehsan. Their work explored difficult issues linked to Fake News, such as the abuse of women, unrealistic appearance expectations placed on young people, political misinformation and the bias of mainstream mass media.

Creative Arts Curriculum Leader Zoe Maksymiw commented:

“We were delighted to submit our students’ work for inclusion in this national exhibition. The theme was an exciting but challenging brief for our students to explore and they were inspired to create outstanding work with a clear message. I’m proud of the work they have produced.”

The exhibition can be viewed online here.

7 July 2021