Ex-Student Gets Novel Published

Manisha KaurA former student from Solihull Sixth Form College has just had her first book published.

Manisha Kaur’s novel, entitled ‘My Friend’s Dream’ has recently been published and is available to buy on Amazon. It tells the tale of two university students, who go on a dream-chasing journey through messy university life! It embeds emotion, humour and the society in which we currently live in.

Manisha explained:

“Stereotypes are questioned and the aim is to inspire and motivate young people to aspire to do great things and become great people.

“My inspiration has come from my own experiences of coming from a British Asian background, studying sciences and dreaming about the creative arts. Even, at Solihull Sixth Form I studied Maths and Sciences, but I still took part in the Drama Showcases!”

Manisha left the College in 2014, having achieved all A and B grades in her A level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Geography studies. She went onto study Chemical Engineering at Aston University, but has now realised her dream of finding a creative outlet.

Manisha self-published the book, which involved editing the book and creating the cover. She did this while juggling her work as a full-time IT Engineer and part-time actor/model, the latter saw her supporting education and the environment as Miss Eco-Birmingham 2017/18. She has ambitions to publish more books.

She explained:

“I have so many more ideas to write. I write poetry, plays and have already begun writing my second novel, completely different to ‘My Friend’s Dream’ in genre. This one is an adventurous, fantasy, horror! I hope to complete it by early next year, so watch this space.”

Get your copy of the book on Amazon.

4 October 2019