Entrepreneurs Inspire Students

Business students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull got a guide to business success recently, as business leaders in the world of kickboxing and chiropractic care visited the College to discuss their business models.

A Kickboxing World Champion and local entrepreneur and the owner of a local chiropractic clinic came to speak to the Business students about setting up and growing their respective businesses.

Paul Gilmore, who runs Combat Sports Centre, told students how he set up and grew his various businesses, and the challenges he faced along the way. He explained how, using great customer service and differentiation, he ensured his boxing gyms thrived despite big-brand, low-budget competitors and the financial crash. Students also learnt how the RBS Entrepreneur of the Year creates a positive business culture that ensures staff and customers alike stay loyal to his brand. This has helped him to expand his business further and he will soon be opening the biggest boxing gym in the Midlands.

Meanwhile, Cindy Townsend, owner of Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic, spoke to students about her business, which she set up in 2007 and which now lists Premier League footballers, Olympians and well-known celebrities among her clients. She discussed with students the importance of clear business planning and strategy, as well as the best ways to recruit and motivate her many members of staff.

Encouragingly, both entrepreneurs articulated the importance of treating all stakeholders with respect and integrity, following your passion and “going the extra mile” to ensure that employees and customers alike feel an emotional attachment to the business.

Business teacher Mike Albanese said:

“We are grateful to Paul Gilmore and Cindy Townsend for giving up their time to visit the College. They come from diverse fields of business, but the principles that underpin their business models have similarities. The students enjoyed hearing about their work and learned a lot from entrepreneurs who have a wealth of experience behind them.”

13 June 2018